brain dump


This is my brain dump session. I will talk about whatever comes to mind. I am frustrated. Not today…but I have been for a while now. And it sucks cos I’m not the only frustrated one. People say patience is a virtue, they tell me to wait, they tell me to persevere. If I hear those words again, I will scream. What if I don’t want to play it safe????? Well, I’m going to sha, because it seems like that’s what I end up doing…after I cause up a storm, I relax. It seems to be the order of things these days.  The Rollercoaster! We are all on it you know? I heard on the radio today that sometimes people are better off poor because that is what keeps them grounded. It is when we are lacking in some respect that we are drawn nearer God. It’s like there is a force that connects suffering to God. This is my analogy, it is when we are in our lows and we look up that we realize, “I’m effed up”. Just like one of my favorite quotes, “it is when it is dark that you can see the stars”…it is in suffering that we appreciate joy; because it is in suffering that we long for joy.


Welcome to my brain dump session. It’s funny how we don’t learn from the mistakes of our fathers. I was talking to a friend whose goal is to get all the education in this world until he is in his late 20s so he doesn’t have to work. Why? He is waiting to reach the age to run for office in Nigeria. Does this bother me? No, not at all. I am bothered by the fact that he doesn’t see anything wrong with pocketing half of a national contract money…”Es, its business, its like making a profit, if you are given 7bn and you can get the job done with 3.5bn whats wrong with keeping the rest for yourself”. I felt sick to my stomach and wondered what cultivated this sort of thinking. I was weak. But when I posed the hypothetical question to myself, I couldn’t give a good answer. All I know is that, if one goes into a project with the intention of pocketing half of the funds, how can one possibly get the job done…without being half assed?


The brain dump session; I left facebook. I felt it was necessary for me, for my sanity. My reason: I wanted to focus more on me and less on others. I want to know more of what I am doing and less of what other people are. Its funny though, as I was deactivating my page, there were various reasons, something like an exit survey…they included, facebook is causing me drama, I spend too much time to facebook…etc. I want to know how many people have been affected by drama facilitated by facebook. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not knocking down fb at all. Afterall, a gun stays safe until it is triggered, in the same token someone is behind every drama. Another reason I left fb? I think (and you are free to disagree) that many people have become really conceded with its help (the tendency was always there, they just needed the push) and others who cant afford the luxury snicker and cause (maybe I’m one of them). Besides I think I liked me better before fb.


But what do I know; I’m just the 800 pound gorilla in the room.


3 Responses to brain dump

  1. deetee007 says:

    look at it from his point of view..its what he was brought up around, he can never phantom why he should suffer when he can make ridiculously huge amount for less work..he is confined to the environment his always own…

    and do not for one second believe it only happens in nigeria, maybe not on a grand scale like this but……

  2. greg says:

    well.. if the Contract is Lumpsum, even if he completes it for 1B, he is entitled to keep the 6B just as if he completes it for 7B, or 8B, he will have to bear his loss without well documented provisions for claim. But the question remains, who issues a 7B contract without a budget?

  3. edede says:

    Greg, you raise a good point. This only leaves me to wonder if professionals are consulted for ball-park estimates when preparing a budget for such elephant projects.

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