creepy mccreepson


Some guy I barely know coming to whisk me away from work for lunch??? Some call this romantic; I call it creepy. Moving on: Another one bites the dust today @ oh-job-of-mine. Quite a number of people have been biting the dust of late…3 people in 2 weeks? If that aint uber-attrition then I’m not sure what is.


I don’t have much to tell today (these things can’t be forced), but I’ve been itching to share a quote with you guys. This one is from a guy on 125th between Frederick Douglas (8th) and Adam Clayton (7th) avenues:


“they touch your tail?, huh? Next time they touch your tail without asking, bite they *bleep* *bleep* hands off”  ~ nukka to his dog on 125th St (harlem world baby)


Have a fantastic day!



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