earth day

 Google does keep me posted. I picked up my amny and metro to see that for some reason they themed around the environment…green this, green that. Only for me to log on to my i-google and realize that today is earth day (check out the cool picture from Happy earth day peeps, please be earth conscious…think twice before you print this (or whatever you think you should print). Do not drive if you don’t have to (walk, we need the exercise anyways). Use mugs instead of those Styrofoam cups (I should practice what I preach cos I’m sipping from one of those right now). Finally, do your best to make the world conducive for your children, children’s children, children’s children’s children, baby’s mama’s mama (what?)…you get my point.


Something actually caught my attention this week. NY is mandating fast food joints to indicate the calories associated with foods that they sell (do I make sense…I don’t think so). Bottom line, when next you go to a chipotle or cosi or pax (or where-ever), you will see the number of calories for each food option. I guess it could be a good thing and a bad thing. People are already getting calorie conscious and this might make it worse…any thoughts?





One Response to earth day

  1. edede says:

    no thoughts??? que interesante! I know for such i’m not having a “melt’ from cosi until further notice :-\

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