A lot have been happening in the universe like the union of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Not to worry, that is not my topic of discussion. You probably read about the father who kept his daughter captive in a cellar for 24 years; where he raped her and fathered 7 (1 deceased) of her children. Sickening. 24 years; locked in the cellar of your own house no windows, no sun light and to be raped by your father over and over and over again; to mother your siblings (God Forbid).  Really sickening.  But let me take the spotlight off the daughter for a second and place it on her mother who had no clue (allegedly) that her daughter was kept captive in her own house; whose husband was responsible for her daughter’s fate. Take a minute and try to understand the amount of deceit she must have been subject to. Or was it just blind trust? Sometimes we think we know…but in her case, it seems like she had no clue. This has awakened the paranoia in me and there lies the question; how much trust is trust and how much trust isn’t?


for more on the story –,8599,1735610,00.html


2 Responses to Bizarre

  1. Pringles says:

    That really is a brilliant question…and lately I have borne witness to the repercussions of not keeping a waking eye on affairs you deem of grave importance simply because your spouse, boyfriend, fiance says he’s got it so….

    Bottom line, there is so much you can put on trust. Leaving ur matters unattended to will surely plague you in the end. word of caution….

  2. edede says:

    good words Pringles

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