the dog within

An underdog by definition is; somebody who is expected to lose a fight or contest; somebody who is unsuccessful; someone who bets are placed against.  I believe however, that the word is used slightly differently in a modern context. All along my understanding of an Underdog is someone who is expected to lose BUT doesn’t. The BUT places a huge caveat in the contemporary definition. It changes the whole game because the underdog becomes the winner. This is not just any other victory; it surpasses all victories because of the preformed expectations of failure. So I fancy calling myself an underdog – like I have always done – BUT based on my own standards and definition of what an underdog stands for. However, this leaves a gap. If an underdog begins to win every contest, he/she will slowly transform into a winner and by societal standards he/she is no longer the underdog. It then seems that an underdog seizes to become an underdog when he/she gains one victory; just one. That is all it takes. There are however several ways to analyze this. No two battles are the same even when the variables appear to be constant. So the “one-victory” factor fails to exist when time and space is taken into consideration. For instance I am not the same today because yesterday is a complete and separate day. If that is the case, a battle is completely different from another and hence an underdog can remain an underdog BUT only within this sphere of understanding. An individual can choose to remain an underdog even when the world doesn’t acknowledge this. A little twisted-somewhat odd-brain-fart.


Have a fantastic weekend!


4 Responses to the dog within

  1. Edede's sister says:

    You too underdog!!!

  2. Pringles says:

    I am totally an underdog right now……. sigh!

  3. nutsaboutlife says:

    Its too much of a coincidence that i too have written quite a similar post on the underdog…well the thoughts are similar . Though gained a new persepective from your post which is “No two battles are the same even when the variables seem constant”…very interesting thot and really true !
    Happy blogging !!
    Cheers !

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