aFrIcA – S. Africa

Even amid catastrophes like earthquakes in China and the insurgence of xenophobia in South Africa, local gossip still takes the cake. It seems like no one cares about what is happening in the world anymore – or ever – even me. Maybe it’s because it is easier to take the news of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz intimate wedding as opposed to hearing about thousands of Zimbabweans that have been displaced from their homes by S. African rebels.


I always had this thing for South Africa, it wasn’t hatred, or dislike, just irritation when “kids of the west” talked about vacations in JoBurg and how pretty JoBurg is, how they don’t mind moving to JoBurg because Africa doesn’t seem that bad after all…eww, eww, ewww.  No one talked about the slums, the diseases or S. Africa’s ridiculous crime rate. It just goes to show that good publicity does go a long way, even to the extent of sweeping the grime under the carpet.


Suddenly, Africa got a rude awakening when Lucky Dube was robbed and killed in S. Africa. Now, suddenly the world is awoken by the blantant display of hatred shown to Zimbabwean immigrants in S. Africa. Maybe I am bitter because 12 people were killed this past weekend in JoBurg…some beaten to death and some set on fire because they were accused of stealing jobs “meant for the S. African people” and living in “S.African homes”.  


“Africa Unite” ??? que un chiste!,8599,1807672,00.html


One Response to aFrIcA – S. Africa

  1. N~ says:

    Yeah, read about this crap in the papers today, fuckn ignorant Africans promotn black on black crimes!… nontheless am still not detered in goin cuz I believe in the few good leaders struggling to reduce crime rate especially for 2010 olympics

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