Remember my SUPER DUPER LIST of 2008? If not, refer to my Dec. 21 2007 post. Anyhow I wanted to give y’all the status update. Abi, what’s the use sharing it if I can perform? So here we go;

1.        Learn to speak Spanish – taking classes now, actually on level “Initial 2”. I can be left alone in the streets of Madrid and carry a somewhat meaningful conversation with a stranger. My Spanish class mates are just too cool and although, I didn’t go in to make contacts, I have. It’s still a long road but we are getting there.

2.        Take all my pending exams – One down. One more to go…

3.        Travel to a country I have never been to –  Went to Costa Rica (my spanish came in handy) and I made a Brazilian friend who has invited the girls and I to Brazil. Brazil is looking quite attractive right about now.

4.        Go to Motherland – This is a most def. By God’s Grace. (Amen)

5.        Be a better friend, sister, lover, daughter…and all that mushy stuff – hehehehehehehehehehehe 😀

6.        Take a dance or/and sketch class – Just registered for an art class this summer. I used to sketch when I was younger and found myself in an art competition back in the day but Idunno, I guess I never followed through. So this is an opportunity and art, like writing, for me is therapeutic, entonces….

Having a list of things to accomplish for the year isn’t such a bad idea. It is even better when you share it with someone because if you are like me, you think that the person is going to get on your ass if you don’t perform as expected and that kindda makes you do it. So try it. What is there to loose?


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