It looks like someone is trying to throw a wrench in my exit strategy. It blows a little but I’m trying to look on the bright side. If they didn’t love me, they wouldn’t care about my exit strategy. I suppose I should use the word “love” lightly. Most important of all is that I still have a job and this, my friends, is key.  It’s truly a dog eat dog world out here in the jungles of Broad and Water and Wall Street (and stone, hanover sq, john, pearl, old slip etc). Got an email from my friend last week, today is his last day at work. He used to work at Bear Stearns you see, I guess you could say he is one of the lucky ones ‘cause he lasted this long. He is a genius so I’m not too worried about him. There is so much talk about the US economy, the dollar, mortgage market, securities market, crude oil price and all that jazz.  The sound of Europe makes some of us squeal – for obvious reasons of course (its not you, its us). Things are not looking good at all; price of milk has gone up a buck since last year. Even more ridiculous, price of halal (“chicken over rice, hot sauce, white sauce”) has gone up a buck too. As in, “are you serious guy?” If the price of halal is skyrocketing then there is no hope for a 3 course meal at Harry’s or I might be subjected to what’s on tap at C-Side (not that I go there often). McDonalds is trying to milk this poverty cow by increasing the options on their dollar menu. Maybe they got the inside scoop that sooner than later NYers won’t be able to afford more on lunch. Worse of all Armando Montelongo is still flipping houses and growing rich. If I hear his ad one more time I will be flipping something. On a good note I have been taking measures to adjust to the economy. For one, I haven’t been to the movies in ages (and I have no business with SATC). Secondly, I have cut down my food expense; a salad at my job is cheaper than chicken fingers and fries (or Sheppard’s pie with a side of pasta and potatoes…yummy). Thirdly, well there is no thirdly, but these baby steps will go a long way…I hope…they had better.


Hehe. Its not that bad jare. God dey!


One Response to woe

  1. Ese U. says:

    madam edede.. lol.. i saw sex and the city o… its called win a free ticket!

    and who the eff is Armando Montelongo? tel am say i never see im commmercial.. so he might wanna swing it by me..

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