monday morning

Ahhhh, alas, the fresh smell of interns. Little creatures in their suits, carrying their tiny portfolios…and of course the bebelubes with their Wall Street journals; running over their 30 second elevator blurb for in their heads. Poor things…poor, poor things. One thing is for sure, I do not want to be in their shoes. Wide eyed kids, filled with excitement but so much anxiety – nervous wrecks; clueless that their souls will soon be crushed by the monotony of daily tasks.  Hey, give me a break, 2 years in this dump gives me the right to take my stance on such fragile beings. Anyhow, that is beside the point; que pasa? What is really really good with you all? I think I had a pretty well rounded weekend, how about you? I most confess Friday I not my fave day of the week. Why? Simple; Friday tells me that I have managed to conquer one week at work BUT I will soon be haunted by another. Just think about it for a second. The weekends always go by really fast anyways, so why be in a hurry to end one work week only to start the madness over again?


This morning on my way to work, I motioned to my bag for my ID, then I hesitated and said to myself “why are you in a hurry? Monday is not going anywhere love”. That felt like a slap to my chest cavity. I walked on and took solace in the fact that yesterday ended and so today must end…one way or another. “Is it really that bad?” some might ask. Well not always, but there are times that I do feel like “crap, why the hell am I here”. Other days its like, “hmm, not bad” but never “I love it, give me more!” This leaves me to wonder if I would be any different doing what I absolutely love to do…which only leaves me with another question; what is it that I absolutely love to do? Honestly, can a job really suck this bad, or do other factors like bosses, colleagues or environment (or me) make the experience what it is. How many of you love your jobs? I want to know that I am not being absolutely ridiculous. Tell me if you love your job and how you knew it…what makes it tick for you???? HELP!


7 Responses to monday morning

  1. Edede's sister says:

    I love my job because I know that I’m adding value to at least one person’s life everyday.. That’s what makes the difference between those who chase jobs primarily for money and those who are there because the love it.. Yes its had to find however its not impossible.

  2. edede says:

    I can say the same about my job. I am adding value to the life of the people who don’t have to be in my shoes. I am also adding value to my life in terms of the check that hits my account; and the life of my siblings or parents who I don’t have to ask for allowance. Lets quit the kumabaya and get real. Surely, you most have another reason for loving your job…

    Also, there is another category you forgot to add: people who chase jobs because it is a job. Choosing a job you love moves to the back burner when you have bills to pay. And for others choosing a job they love takes the elimination process.

    Again, for those who love their jobs, tell me why.

  3. greg says:

    Chasing what you love is elusive. Loving what you do is the secret.

  4. Pure fiyah says:

    I hate my job… Honestly speaking I doubt there is anyone who works a 9-5 and loves it.. we are creatures of habit and thus, repetitive tasks for 8-12hrs a day becomes mundane, monotonous and can lead to frustration. Working hard to achieve success is a life long battle whether you own your own business or simply work for the owner or even works of philntropy. It all takes HARD WORK… working hard sucks but it is life until it ends!

  5. edede says:

    well said ‘fiyah. I’m sure more pple out there feel the same (don’t make me start naming names y’all)..c’mon spill!

  6. Ese U. says:

    mehn.. im in a hurry to end one week.. becos believe it or not.. i do like beginnings o! if it is not monday, its the beginning of a new semester.. or a new school year.. or a new school.. or something.. either way, it means i can start afresh! maybe what i need is witness protection and a new life.. but i feel u sha… i go thru a routine expected monday conflict.. just like everyone else.. just for the sake of it.. usually, im just mad that my weekend was not as restful as it was supposed to be..

    also, as for job.. take solace in the fact that what u r doing is not the worst thing u could be doing.,.. lol. and i do love some jobs i had.. but i love it even more.. when i can just stay home and not go to work.. BY CHOICE>. if only we could pick our schedules.. our tasks. and still make good money..

  7. Pringles says:

    You know me….i read the blogs all at once, when ive got time.

    So here it is, i think it lies in what ur friend here says: “if only we could pick our schedules…our tasks…and still make good money”. The thing unfortunately is that we rarely get the good fortune to do all the above, all at once. Ive had a lot of time to think about this, as you know ive been singing that tune for months now. some days happen to be not half as bad as others but nonetheless, i have not loved my job for about a year now. Nehoo, i digress.

    Just as uve said, pple get jobs to fulfila variety of needs and the way i see it, if you expect to fulfil all of those needs through just the one job then ure probably wishing on a star. Too much load on a boat will drown it ( ok, not the best idiom but u dig) So, the mega solution: seperate these needs and see about trying to fulfil these beyond the one job. In other words, create some flexibility in your life”. The thing about sucky jobs is the lack of flexibility..think about it. Flexibility to change tasks, change managers, change schedule….etc. But imagine, for those who dont have to work for money, they may be more likely to “choose” a job that will provide the flexible schedule, or they may be able to choose their tasks….or they can just zo zo about until they get the mix right, etc.

    All the same, I agree with ur sis, it is possible to find a fulfiling job but trust me, ure always going to have to give something up as in life……the only difference is, u find a way to be ok with it.

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