Leke leke refused to give me fine finger so I took matters into my own hands. There was no cortex, so correctional fluid had to suffice. Ultimate refused to feed me well so I took refuge in Mama Burkina and Iya oni ewa goin. GCI refused to provide good toilet systems so, of course, considering the dire circumstances I had to ‘shot put’ on occasion. It doesn’t end here. I know that I will not always be handed the things I want, even the things that I need, but dire times call for prompt measures. What is edede talking about again? I’m talking about everything that matters; grabbing the bull by the horn; striking goliath with your little pebble; taking chances and daring to succeed. It can be quite scary doing what you want to do. The biggest worry for most people is the “failure” factor. Not all initiatives turn out to be huge successes, true, but often times than not, the experience gained is of treasured value. So, I am taking my own advice.


I leave you with an unrelated quote that I find revealing: “Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away.” – Thomas Fuller




2 Responses to chances

  1. Ewaen says:

    well said!!!

  2. Ese U. says:

    how do i see other peoples comments? and yeah. thot brave cos u were too afraid to run away.. thats a cool one.. but.. na so life be sha… the moments of almost heart attack that u faced. while u didnt run.. its worth being called brave for..

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