some beef stew


My beef with boomerang (O! you really weren’t expecting stew now).

What’s the boomerang? Remember that saying, what goes around comes around? Ehen, that one! What is the deal with that? Alright let me break it down a little. You know when you vex your mom and she says something like, “be careful, all these things you are doing, your children will do it to you o”…as in, what? Doesn’t that also means that it’s what she did to her mom that I am doing to her? And if that is the case wasn’t it bound to happen anyways? Will the circle ever end? Can it be broken? It doesn’t “bo si” for me. Another brain fart. Bear with me. I’ve been thinking about the sentence of late.  


Anyways, Hope your weekend is wonderful sha…mine is.




One Response to some beef stew

  1. Ese U. says:

    i agree with this one sha.. na death cycle! like when in boarding house they tell u they r punishing u cos their seniors did it to them.. like u said too.. WHen will it end.. BREAK THE CYCLE!!! AMEN!!

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