I have a bad headache and its just 8:16am. I knew that I had a bit of tushness in me when I started having constant headaches in Naija (aka heat wave attack syndrome). The same seems to be resurfacing here o, in NYC of all places. It’s quite hot in the city. Freaky high of 95 this past weekend, I wanted to lock my self in the fridge – but I am quite big so that didn’t look too feasible. O well, summer or no summer I’m going to make the best of this time of year. My weekend was cool and fast that I didn’t have time to do things that I usually do on my weekends – laundry and sleep. Honestly, I am missing those boring days a bit. I think that’s what I’ll do next weekend, relax. Enough about me; how was your weekend? Maybe one day someone will be bold enough to answer me – have you noticed that I always ask in hopes of getting some kind of response from y’all.


Not much is going on yet. Yes, yes, everyone should know about Obama’s democratic nomination by now, so that’s not news. Speaking of news, there is an invention that Gizmulberry shared with me last week. It has more of a male focus though but everyone is welcome to admire such genius :D. If you are a guy that plays/ would like to play golf, this might be a good one for you…http://gizmodo.com/5013913/uroclub-lets-golfers-go-pee+pee-in-public


Hasta Pronto!


One Response to hola

  1. Ese says:

    next time u r hot, carry one of the alex cross series. cross ur legs and read away……and philly is hotter!

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