random ramble

It’s been an overwhelming minute. How are you all? I missed sending you those emails that alert you when I have a new entry. Enough has happened since our last “meeting”. For one thing, my little nephew grew his first 2 teeth – tiny things sticking out of his gum. It is official that Aunty Edede is getting old. I am going to ramble on today. Hopefully i make sense at the end of this post or better still you will make some sense of what I will end up talking about. Structure shouldn’t always be encouraged. I for one need a little chaos in my life (I think). But I might be wrong. Who knows?


The other day I decided that I wanted to learn to ride a bicycle. My brother messed up my tricycle when i was a youngin’ and its been a wrap since then – hopes and dreams of graduating to a bicycle went out the window. People always wonder how I come up with these “ridiculous” ideas. “Why do you want to ride a bicycle?”…”what entered you today?”…Well I don’t know, I guess I’m just random like that. No. Maybe I do know. Maybe if people started using less fueled means of transportation, gas prices will go down. How can the national average of gas be over $4 a gallon? Isn’t that ridiculous? High dependence on gas hasn’t done the US any good…Nigeria is a different story (‘cause I don’t understand my people).


Allow me to shed light on Brazil for a quick second. In Brazil ethanol is widely used to power vehicles. Ethanol can be made from sugarcane and maize. Brazil is one of the major growers of sugarcane.  So what did they do? They used their foresight and resource to avoid the present debacle in the oil and gas industry. Genius! (Get more info from this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethanol_fuel_in_Brazil ).


A lot can be learned from Brazil.


Fun Fact: Andorra, a land locked country right on the borders of France and Spain, has the highest life expectancy rate at an average of 83.5 years. I didn’t know there was a country called Andorra until today. Stay informed peeps!



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