She said to me, “can you please break down the file and ….” In response I said, “first of all, you don’t have sense…second of all, you don’t have sense”. She didn’t hear me but it made me smile. I didn’t care that she didn’t hear what I was saying…as long as I could murmur it; hear me say it, I was content. She asked for something else and I murmured, “you are stupid, idiot, go and die”.  This time I laughed, out loud. I don’t know, I guess the little things count after all. Right at the intersection of StuckwithStupid and Getmeouttahere; I decided to detour so I branched the hidden hanging gardens of water and immersed myself in the cascades; the waterfalls; the fake ones that is. The helicopter noise and traffic from the FDR didn’t make it as serene as one would think but it was enough to restore me to sanity. I whipped out my sentence correction and commenced correcting sentences. I read somewhere that the best way to correct sentences is to read editorials…thas a long ting sha men. So I resolved to try and error…abi trial and error; correct me. English is hard sha, thats why I don’t try too hard to speak it. When it tires me I switch to pidgin, shey you get, that kain ting. I stared on, sun in my face…my eyes…but the breeze made it pleasant. I stared at the Brooklyn bridge and made my way to Brooklyn and the watchtower which isn’t a watchtower. Alas I didn’t think about me…or you…the only thoughts in my head were about sentence correction. Who knew sentence correction could feel so good? Who knew sneaking out would feel this good? The age of aquarius ended years ago but I have reached the height of itire.


One Response to itire

  1. Pringles says:

    As always your words have resonated and brought some relief…keep em coming hon…cant wait to see u in NY next wknd! Hugs………

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