I can’t help but wonder what Barack told Michele when he got home from a long day of campaigning. I’m still trying to picture his reaction when he learned about the comment made by Jesse Jackson; “Barack doesn’t care about black people….I just want to cut his nuts off”. Unimaginable; what is this? Black on black hateration? Interestingly enough, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s comment stemmed from a speech Barack gave to a congregation, regarding the absence of African American men in families, their homes and the lives of their children. My impression from the speech wasn’t that Barack didn’t care about black people; on the contrary, I found that he was making a call for responsibility; for black men to take responsibility for themselves, their homes, families and communities. Any single mother, working 2 or 3 jobs to provide a decent lifestyle for her kids can relate first-handedly to what Barack was speaking about. If this is the case, I can only imagine that there are latent sentiments that spurred Jackson’s comments.


One Response to e.dealy

  1. greg says:

    the latent sentiments are all around the underlying revelation that someone is at last identifying J. Jackson, A. Sharpton et al as the real bunch who do not care about the upliftment of the family as a unit and education as the means to enlightenment and empowerment of Blacks in America.

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