news worthy

August 29, 2008


There is a live size gold statue Kate Moss; news worthy, I suppose, for those who care to know. I didn’t read the details of who and where but I was curious to see what the statue looked like…BUT I couldn’t find it. So if anyone is curious, just Google Kate Moss Gild or Gold. That’s that. How are you all doing today? I’m at work and it is as quiet as Christmas time at work. The year is winding down and this is when the slackness begins. Actually let’s say October to be on the safe side. I’m the only one in a workstation section that occupies 4. The offices in front of me are empty…Ogas are all on vacay as per Labor Day, living the good life. No bitterness though, I will be living the good life God’s willing when my vacay begins.  


So what’s new in the neighborhood? Lets seeeeeeee….


1.        Obama’s speech was phenomenal. If you didn’t catch it, make sure you do. Thanks to my father I’m an advocate for listening to as many speakers as possible. I must admit that I never paid attention to the campaign but the beautiful thing about the conventions (democratic and republican) is that it addresses all that have been discussed and more. Video streams of the democratic convention are available on and the republican convention is next week in Minnesota (if weather conditions permit). So I implore you to tune in and listen and make the best judgment come Nov. 4th. PS: Mr Tosiano, please feel free to give your feedback on the convention. I’m sure Edede-ites will enjoy reading your analysis.


2.        Ex Governor of Oyo state, Rashidi Ladoja, has been accused of stealing over U.S. $16 million while in office. Surprise (edede rolls eyes). I’m glad that they are being exposed one by one. This is another case of blatant greed. It’s painful enough that Lagos is number 30 of the most expensive cities in the world but in Nigeria, well over 70% of the population struggle to survive on a misley $2 or less a day. Pathetic. Kudos to whoever is responsible for these investigations.


3.        Allen and Fifth is in business. Big thanks to you all for showing support. I  appreciate the love. Allen and Fifth will be at the Nigerian Independence Day Parade come Sept. 27th. Mark the date, and come down to Nigeria House in NYC and show some love. I’ll be showcasing new and cool stuff…I can’t wait (well I can sha,  a little). If you need more info just comment on the post or send an email to


That’s all for now folks. Have a fulfilled weekend and always Stay Informed!


bakassi bakassi

August 25, 2008


So the last I heard of this Bakassi Peninsula business was that Nigeria had handed it over to Cameroon. So why now is a Senator talking about revisiting the issue. This is my concern; why should the Bakassi be an issue again especially after the case is closed.


Let’s revisit the genesis of the situation….Story Story:


During the civil war (Biafra) the Nigerian Government stroke a deal with Cameroon. At the time Cameroon was supplying Biafran soldiers with fire arms. The deal was that if Cameroon stopped supplying Biafra with arms, they would have rights to Bakassi Peninsula. Apparently, there is oil in Bakassi and we all know how precious oil. So, that is how Cameroon kept their end of the deal o and of course Biafra was ‘defeated’…Naija on the other hand was doing “go-come”. For lack of better terms, Naija gbe Cameroon lori ‘is-coming’.  That was how the fight for Bakassi started (Please history peeps, correct me if I am wrong)


Senator Mamora might have a point in that due process wasn’t followed Blah Blah Scooby Doo, but I don’t see how this is important right now. Why wasn’t there ruckus before the fact, why now? And all of a sudden someone cares about the Bakassi people? Hmmm…suspect. It’s not like we are doing a grand job making our people happy and managing the resources that we have now (abi?). Aren’t there serious issues to address like, jobs, education, healthcare to state the least. Anyhow, come to your own conclusions and tell me what you think…. (Leave your comments J)



This Day (Lagos)
25 August 2008
By Toba Suleiman

A member of the National Assembly from Lagos State, Senator Olorunnibe Mamora, has condemned the process of ceding the Bakassi Peninsula to Republic of Camoroon, declaring that the entire process would still be revisited.

Mamora, who represents Lagos West Senatorial District of Lagos State, said this at the weekend, in Are-Ekiti, Ekiti State, during the final burial ceremony of Pa Samuel Olowolafe, an Ekiti-born Lagos business tycoon.

According to him, it is true that Nigeria was part of the agreement that led to the final hand over, but the people were not allowed to determine their own fate, saying they have the right to self determination.

Mamora, who is also the Deputy Minority leader at the Senate described the handing over without allowing the people to determine their own fate as unfair.

He said the process to determine the Bakassi peoples’ fate ought to have passed through the channel of referendum, adding that there is no way the matter would be allowed to die just like that, because the National Assembly has the mandate to reopen the matter under matters of national importance for robust debate.

He said “it is not yet uhuru, it is not over until it is over, because, we in the National Assembly are representatives of the people and we can still bring the matter up through a motion.” He added that the way and manner the executive danced to the rhythm of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the handing over of the community to Bakassi had marred the whole process, and created a gulf of disagreement between legislative and the executive arms of government.

He, therefore, frowned at the Federal Government for creating a lacuna for argument by circumventing all processes in order to satisfy some countries.

life and things

August 19, 2008


I was looking back at some old pictures and damn, I have gone through major changes boy. Everything has changed. The young is grown and still growing. Life can be a daunting, period, full stop, not buts. Life is daunting when a child born in 1995 already has a boyfriend, Christ. Someone was probably saying the same thing when I was 13 so I’ll sit back and let – no watch the cycle spin.


I took this visual dna “test” yesterday (I had taken it before but I think they have better categories now) and I must say that I am quite happy with the results, except for the one where I am categorized as a techno flirt – its one of those truths I don’t like people – or machines – telling me. I think visual net is really cool though and what it does is that it feeds back your values, ideas, aspirations, based on what picture you choose when answering a question. Try it and let me know if you think it’s accurate. I think mine was; I am a Go Getter among other awesome things :D.

ps: It looks like Nigeria will play Argentina for Gold. Hopefully history will repeat itself. Go Eagles Go!





August 5, 2008


Have you ever had those times where you get thrown into a loop and suddenly find yourself in wind of uncertainties? Where you try to make sense of the assumed stupidity that surrounds you but can’t seem to get a hang of things? I have been feeling like that of late. Funny story though, on my way to work today I walked by a pigeon. As you might know the New York Pigeons are probably the most annoying birds alive…they wouldn’t get out of the way because they don’t scare easy. A New York pigeon is so “ballzy” that they will walk towards a human with poise and not fear for their lives. I always found this incredible and a bit insulting; I mean, I am human, 5 ft 10 inches and black for that matter, these creatures should pick 440 at the sight of me. But No, these New York pigeons are truly a chosen species. Why is this so? Well the state of NY has their back or wings – or whatever. The state of New York protects the “rights” of the pigeons in that it is against some law to kill or abuse these birds. I suppose this rule is linked with the aesthetics of the city, but that is beside the point. Point is, because a higher authority is protecting the interest of these birds, they tend to walk with poise and dignity even in sight of adversity.


Today, I found myself asking God to make me be like the New York pigeon; to give me the ability to stand my ground and keep my cool in times of adversity. Obviously the New York Government is nothing compared to God’s goodness. So if God has my back and I’m sure that he does, why should I be scared in adverse times?



bueno fin de semana

August 1, 2008


Starting a business is a learning experience. First of all, the business is like your baby and you want everything to go according to plan. Obviously, this is hardly the case so you have to learn to maneuver unexpected situations, pitfalls and of course the swindlers and crooks. It’s not easy, but the consolation comes from the experience you gain. Right now I know that I am adding to my personal history; I have stories to tell about my journey thus far and interesting ones to say the least. I now know things that last year, or even last month, I had no business knowing. The journey has just begun and I expect to have more stories to tell; hopefully more good ones than bad.


I’m exhausted. I don’t have much to write today so you will forgive me. Until next time, have a lovely weekend! PAX.