Have you ever had those times where you get thrown into a loop and suddenly find yourself in wind of uncertainties? Where you try to make sense of the assumed stupidity that surrounds you but can’t seem to get a hang of things? I have been feeling like that of late. Funny story though, on my way to work today I walked by a pigeon. As you might know the New York Pigeons are probably the most annoying birds alive…they wouldn’t get out of the way because they don’t scare easy. A New York pigeon is so “ballzy” that they will walk towards a human with poise and not fear for their lives. I always found this incredible and a bit insulting; I mean, I am human, 5 ft 10 inches and black for that matter, these creatures should pick 440 at the sight of me. But No, these New York pigeons are truly a chosen species. Why is this so? Well the state of NY has their back or wings – or whatever. The state of New York protects the “rights” of the pigeons in that it is against some law to kill or abuse these birds. I suppose this rule is linked with the aesthetics of the city, but that is beside the point. Point is, because a higher authority is protecting the interest of these birds, they tend to walk with poise and dignity even in sight of adversity.


Today, I found myself asking God to make me be like the New York pigeon; to give me the ability to stand my ground and keep my cool in times of adversity. Obviously the New York Government is nothing compared to God’s goodness. So if God has my back and I’m sure that he does, why should I be scared in adverse times?




One Response to pigeon

  1. Ronke Adepoju says:

    True talk. Them damn pigeons!!

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