life and things


I was looking back at some old pictures and damn, I have gone through major changes boy. Everything has changed. The young is grown and still growing. Life can be a daunting, period, full stop, not buts. Life is daunting when a child born in 1995 already has a boyfriend, Christ. Someone was probably saying the same thing when I was 13 so I’ll sit back and let – no watch the cycle spin.


I took this visual dna “test” yesterday (I had taken it before but I think they have better categories now) and I must say that I am quite happy with the results, except for the one where I am categorized as a techno flirt – its one of those truths I don’t like people – or machines – telling me. I think visual net is really cool though and what it does is that it feeds back your values, ideas, aspirations, based on what picture you choose when answering a question. Try it and let me know if you think it’s accurate. I think mine was; I am a Go Getter among other awesome things :D.

ps: It looks like Nigeria will play Argentina for Gold. Hopefully history will repeat itself. Go Eagles Go!





2 Responses to life and things

  1. Chocho says:

    hey girl…I’m a go-getter too 🙂

  2. edede says:

    Yay Chocho!!! I know more people took it o…dont be scared, share what you are (I’ll soon start ignoring private emails that some of you send me)

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