Happy Edede Day


Ahoy there matey! Today marks a year of https://edede.wordpress.com . It’s been cool and it way cooler that I know you guys are reading…I know because I see the readership report and I love it. Thank you all for taking time out of your busy busy schedules to experience Edede’s state of mind – its not easy keeping up with my randomness and I appreciate the support. To celebrate this occasion, I had Oreo cookies and milk…yum and y’all can do the same too. Let’s start a tradition! Yay! Speaking of tradition today is also the “Talk like a Pirate Day”…yes, no kidding, it actually exists. I’m not sure how people come up with this stuff.


Well it’s a Friday and we thank God for that. Hopefully you all have something awesome planned out. If not, no worries, you can stay in and save your energy and money for next weekend. What’s happening next weekend??? The Nigerian Independence Day parade in NYC baby! It’s only the most awaited parade in the Universe because this year Allen & Fifth will be there live and direct with our best stuff…YES, best stuff. And to top it off, we are having a discount sale to celebrate Nigeria’s – emm how old are we again? 1960 to 2008 – 48! 48 years as a country! WOW.


So you know what to do now. Make sure you stop by on the 27th of September 2008…with your wallet and bank cards (I’m sure there is a bank around). Its going to be at 44th Street and 2nd Avenue. Come out and have FUN.  Abi, ki lo feel?



Until then, adios migente!


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