I decided that starting in October https://edede.wordpress.com will have series. These are my thoughts on how it’s going to play out (subject to change of course) –


Monday – Weekend Summary; on Mondays I will host an unbiased summary of all that went down during the weekend/ past week. Summary will cover a range of topics…politics, the arts, entertainment, public interest stories et all.


Tuesday – This Is Africa; Tuesdays will showcase news in African development and strategic alliances. Information is not easily accessible in this part of the world so I will search the nook and crannies and bring them to you. I find that good news boost morale so I’ll try not to overwhelm you with Africa’s issues.


Wednesday – e.dealy; this is edede’s day. Hah, you thought you could escape my randomness? Nah.


Thursday – Buzz/ Buzz Kill; Thursdays will be all about the latest buzz or buzz kill of the week. We will cover topics from the awesome to the incomprehensible.


Friday – YOU! This is your segment. If there is anything you want to share with the world (yes world) hit me up and I will prepare Friday’s entry for you. If I don’t get anything from you guys, Friday will be lonelyL.


Que tu pense?


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