’tis the season…already?

October 31, 2008


My horoscope said, “do not waste your time and energy on trivial pursuit”, so I decided to let it go, let her go, and let her come to me whenever she is ready. Right about now I’m trying to get down in another spiritual game so conveniently I tune in to Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I am quite neo-schooled-out, I have listened to all new school music and I am tired – for now. I reached my peak after listening to an irritating song, but that’s beside the point. Its Halloween and happy Halloween to all you fun costume wearers. I hope you get a lot of candy and eat and get fat – just kidding; well not really.


I’m not sure about your companies but Companies have been cancelling Christmas parties. Yep. No Ho-Ho-Ho this year ‘cos banks aint got no Doe-Doe-Doe. I’m not too disappointed. Last year I crashed the IT party at Bridgewater so lets just say I partied enough for ‘07 and ’08 (Holla!). But one has to think about the down stream effects, don’t you think? First of all, Ciprianis, Warldoff Astoria, Bridgewater and other really cool Christmas Party locations will miss some good business. This means that cooks, party planners, waitresses, waiters, bar tenders, coat check peeps and DJs will miss out on some good business as well, let alone the huge tips that they usually get. AHA, lets not forget about the Black Cabs lined up outside that take your drunk asses back home…all expense paid of course (I sigh). How about after party locations? 230 5ths will loose some business too…that roof top deck won’t be as enticing this year. Lets not forget Marquee, TenJune, Cielo, House, Pink Elephant…hmm, I don’t know people…


However, all hope/partying isn’t lost. I’m sure there are people out there who are able to squeeze the jolly juice out of this dry season. Remember though that there is a lot to be grateful about. So as we approach this thankful season (even though in reality we should give thanks daily), lets not forget to give thanks for what we have and use what we have to the best of our ability; Thanksgiving aint all about roast turkeyJ.


Have an awesome weekend.



global market slipidy slide

October 29, 2008


God! I hate to be the one to bore you with the economy. Forgive me but it makes great stories. I am broke. Yep. Broke and it feels good. I don’t know have so the temptation to spend is dead. I looked at my 401k today and saw that it fell by 31.5%. Holy Mackerel! 31.5% – I hope you understand the seriousness of this. My good friend Chhoyster tried to cheer me up; he said that if I benchmark by 401k to the S&P index, I’m not doing so badly…as the S&P went down 40% or so.


Anyhow, I was reading an article on TIME.com about how emerging economies are slowly feeling the burden of current market situation. This is bad news. The hope was that in case the States doesn’t recover quickly from this debacle emerging nations will “emerge” and try to sustain the world economy. This isn’t the case as even BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) appear to be struggling…some to the extent that they are seeking bail out from the IMF. But this is understandable of course considering the market complexities that intertwine these economies.


I wish I had known earlier about the yen carry trade. What does this mean? The yen has always loaned money at really low interest rates, 0.5% as a matter of fact. Now, compared to the 6% or higher of other countries, its not rocket science that the yen’s rate was practically a steal. Some people into FX trading would borrow the yen at this low rate and invest in countries with much higher rates…and of course pocket the spread (the difference). Genius! On Monday the yen was at a 13 year high against the dollar. Why? Because people were able to pay back yen loans unlike in the US where people can’t afford to pay back dollar loans.  This is return has made the yen the “cool kid on the block”. Finance is pretty amazing sha…you got to love it. (Sola do quick and open Sola Investments Inc.)


There is a lot to learn from the current market trends.  My prayer is that the naija geniuses all over the world, will some day return home to make our country a much better place and of course revamp the Nigerian Stock Exchange.



friday fever

October 24, 2008


It’s Friday. Thank God. It’s been a wasteful Friday sha…I found myself at Filene’s basement at lunch – not sure how I flew from my cube to Union Sq. I did sha, and I wasted money on these flats. There was a connection at first sight…but on the third step, boiiii, it was serious son. Annoying thing is I can’t return the shoes, ‘cause I told the register chic “I don’t need the box”. I can’t blame her ‘cause she warned me. I’m just gonna have to bear the pain ‘cause $34 something is no joke men …a little something called credit crunch (LOL).


Anyhow, today is Nog’s birthday. My darling sister, I love you to death shey you know…hope you also know that I can’t tell you that to your face with a straight face. It’s not my fault; we both know it’s the Grace in me. Enough of the mushiness, many more blissful years mama… you are awesome, stay that way.


Emm, besides using words like, “yansh”, “shey you get” and “ibeere” at work, I’ve been plugged in to many naija playlist websites of late. It’s really lovely especially since I got new head phones. They are no Bose but they do the job. If you knew what my old ‘phones looked like, you would relate. Of recent I’ve been on some sturvs, gidilounge, notjustok runs and I find myself playing certain songs over and over and over…again. Songs like, What you want by BlackBoyDown, Flex by Riz, J’a Jo Dele by Nasty, Jayed-out and Kwam1 (outta town ent)…I’m officially endorsing them so you guys should look them up.


So I just got a call from my bro men…dude works at GS and since the layoff news got out many people have been calling him expressing concern and all that usual stuff that happens when kasala is about to burst. Anyhow, I didn’t call sha, and I imagine that’s why he called me. He was probably thinking, “this yeye girl didn’t even call me sha”. That aside, he got me cracking up when he said GS left systematic voice msgs on their employees’ work phones, pretty much confirming what was out in the news. Then he went on to say that the message was something like;  

             “Yes, we are confirming what you already know. You all should be proud. Now, walk out that door with your head up high”.


Of course the message didn’t say that but that would have been mad funny. Sense of humor is mucho appreciated these days jare…abi, wetin man wan do?





October 23, 2008


Work is good for many things, but work is especially good for exchanging emails with friends in the finance industry who share the sentiments mostly because we are all knee deep in this shit…excuse me (note, if I really wanted to be excused I would have deleted it). Thanks to outlook and lotus notes, exchanging emails at work is almost like chatting. So MT – some of you might know MT, we’ve been friends since freshman year – MT sends an email to a couple of us and in the email there was a link to an article stating that Goldman (Sachs) will be laying off 3200 people, considering current market trends et all (y’all remember when Goldman was in the news because of the huge bonuses they were giving out last year?…shit done reach roof o). Anyhow, I’m going to share with you the dialogue that got me laughing, start from the top.


From: MT
To: a bunch of us
Subject: News

Its getting crazy!! My buddy and l are considering nursing sch. 


From: Es
To: to rest of them
Subject: RE: News

LOL…nursing school ko, butcher school ni.


From: D1
To: to the rest of us
Subject: RE: News

If Financial industry is not conducive, try Agbero….. Agbero na work oooo, dem no dey layoff…:)



From: MT
To: a bunch of us
Subject: News

Good suggestion. I could be the pioneer in NY. nobody owns a bus stop here. If you and Es could work for me, since you guys are veteran agbero from Naija


True talk though, this thing is a serious something. I was just talking to another friend who told me that a friend of hers quit Morgan (Stanley) to work in a bakery and has enrolled in a culinary school. I guess now people are following their passions – e.g. MT finally realizing his true calling of being nurse.


October 21, 2008


Good morning. I am so happy this morning and it’s because of you, you and you (yes you). As some of you might know, I am trying supercarlafragalistically (not sure I spelt that right) to be a better person. I am in the metamorphic stage of my transformation. The old Es was emmm, devious but presented a façade that fooled many many people. Although I had some good in me, it wasn’t quite enough. So I’m turning a new leaf. Seriously, so help me!


Unfortunately I have been super busy at work and I haven’t been able to post entries frequently. Even right now I am in the middle of some risk and control stuff so I’ll be writing this throughout the day. For those that might sense the shabbiness of this entry, do forgive.


My weekend was relatively calm. I didn’t get to relax as anticipated but I got quite of number of stuff done. But this isn’t about what I got done, but about the premise of my weekend. For some freaky reason my weekend was centered on health topics, healthy living and the likes. Did you know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? I used to wonder why Chhoyster always eats apples. See, Chhoyster is the health freak among my friends, yet he is the one who knows about foods and actually enjoys reading about food and culinary. He has sampled about 90% of the restaurants in the city…no joke, he is my restaurant consultant.  Wait for the kicker; he is the skinniest of all my friends (skinny in a very good way). Apples have fat soluble antioxidants and antioxidants helps speed up your metabolism and fight fat in your body. There are actually other benefits but I was sold at antioxidants. Other foods that are good for you are almonds, bananas, avocados, beans (some beans also contain antioxidants and are also good source of nutrients) and egg yolks (believe it or not, contain good fat). Good stuff abi?



Another premise was the whole buzz of Collin Powell endorsing Obama. I missed the segment on Sunday (church, people, church – come to think of it even if I didn’t go to church I might have changed the channel to watch power rangers or pokemon). Anyhow, I watched a clip where Powell expressed – idunno, whats the word…irritation or concern? – yea, he expressed concern to the fact that Obama’s religion was questioned during the campaign and even more disappointing, questioned by top members of the GOP – what I like to call Good Ol’ Party (get it? Ol’, Old – hehe). But what impressed me was that Powell said, “what if” he is muslim? Can’t a 7 year old American Muslim child grow and aspire to become the Prez of the United States of America? I FELT it. Do you feel that? So the frig what? So what??? Tell’em Powell. Anyhow, analyst said that Powell’s endorsement boosted Obama and I hope that boost reflects on Election Day ‘cos we all know that when push comes to shove, ratings or no ratings, sometimes crap happens.


Anywhoosss..I will leave you with a fresh quote I just got from Pure Fiyah aka C.T O’Dwyer

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. – John F. Kennedy



Buzz/Buzz Kill – 2

October 16, 2008

Buzz – My oga is out sick and my staff meeting was cancelled. YES! It has nothing to do with you guys but you don’t understand how awesome this feels.


Buzz – Sites! Yes, I love me some www.sturvs.com/naijamusic  however http://gidilounge.com/ is steadily creeping in. I enjoy both so take a listen when you get a chance. Another site that needs no introduction – as in, I don’t even know why I bother – www.bellanaija.com is up and running, so you know what to do.


Buzz – Music…yes music, in fact rap. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You heard it hear first so give me credit once things start to unravel. YESI is coming, he is coming O! You guys are not ready for what’s about to pop. I will keep you posted, sit tight. Meanwhile take a listen to M.I feat DJINEE and some of the stuff by Black Boy Down, Terrytharapman and Rap Addict. I will hit you up with a link to these songs…but for now, abeg google am. It’s off the hinges.


Buzz Kill – Madge and Guy are in splitsville. Even more annoying I read that the tension between them started after adopting David…why blame the African child? Oh wells, its Hollywood jare, next!


Buzz Kill – Last night’s debate was a mess. Let’s not deceive ourselves.  


Buzz Kill – Word on the headline is that Naija losses about 5 million dollars annually from environmental degradation. “Loss of vegetation arising from agriculture, fuel wood and commercial timber extraction, among others, leads to desertification, declining soil productivity and loss of farmlands, flood and siltation of water bodies which are serious environmental problems”. Read more on http://allafrica.com/stories/200810160630.html


Thats all folks! Hasta Luego.  

e.dealy: lIfE

October 15, 2008


This year alone I have lost 2 people that I know, 2 beautiful souls. They were young, vibrant, kind, happy, and high spirited. I don’t like writing about death, especially when lives have been cut short, so I’m going to write about life and the lessons that I learned from life in less than 24 hours.


·          Be happy

·          Share happiness

·          Kill jealousy

·          Give hugs, receive hugs

·          Speak out, speak loud

·          Listen twice as much as you speak (that’s why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth)

·          Laugh

·          Relax

·          Walk, run, fall, get up and start over

·          PRAY

·          LOVE

·          Dance, dance, dance (and forget your sorrow)


I implore you all to help me live this way and I promise to help you. Scold me if I don’t and remind me of my own words.  And to all those that I have wronged, I am sorry. Join me to make our time on earth worth every while.