wall st., schwall st.


Good morning. Apologies for not posting an entry sooner and yes, you’ve guessed right, I will not be kicking off the segments with the post either. Many things have occurred since our last meeting, good and bad, you know the usual.


In the elevator today, I read that a 45 year old financial managed killed his family and then killed himself over the present financial situation. One of the guys next to me who had read the same news feed off captivate network (those elevator tvs) shook his head. I smiled out of disgust. Like, dude, kill yourself not your family, why take people with you?


My beef is how people are blaming the banking industry for everything. Is there greed on the street? YES. Does the street have CEOs who are overpaid? YES. Are certain things in life only given to the very privileged few? YES. However, is there room for growth? YES. Can you come from a foreign country and make a descent life for you and your family? YES. Is hard work rewarded? YES! YES! YES! Is this not what makes America, America?


Just the other day I was with someone really close to me and we both walked pass the Kira Plastinina store on 34th. Some of you might know that Kira is this 15 or 16 year old designer from Russia who seems to have stores in all “it” locations in NYC. I know for one that she has stores in SOHO, on 5th Avenue and 34th Street. Now, those of you know NY quite well also know that real-estate in these areas aren’t cheap. So I wondered out loud how a 16 year old can afford to open stores in such prime locations. The response I got, “is it not because of all these greedy wall street people?”…CMON! (BTW, the answer to my question is that Kira has a super rich Russian father.)


I just find it uber convenient to pass the beans and place blame on Wall Street. Wall Street has become the scapegoat for all related and non related incidents. Why is my hair falling out? It’s Wall Street. Why is my roof leaking? It’s Wall Street. Is it not people like you and I that failed to live within our means? Did we not fail to listen to our conscience telling us that one necessary spend might just be the beginning of a bad debt? How about we stop placing blame and try to do something to make our lives a little better.


2 Responses to wall st., schwall st.

  1. Edede's sister says:

    Why was the train delayed this morning? Its because of Wall Street!

    Why can I not meet my Interest Only Mortgage payments? Its because of Wall Street!

    Why did my credit score go down? Its because of Wall Street.

    Oh wait a minute.. Why am I wearing Ferragamo shoes and rocking Tiffany jewelry, only to take a picture to put on FB, while I hustle with a $7/hr job, wait a Part Time Job??? I see now, its because of Wall Street!!

    I think its time we put greed in check.

  2. DENNY T says:

    I keep reading about all this craziness going on and how wall street has been blamed for everything but what i fail to understand is the way congress gives out responsiblities and whom it holds accountable for the responsibilities. Wy would one create a watchdog for wall street and when the watch dog fails in its responsibilities, you also blame it for the watchdog’s responsibility. What the hell did they create auditors for? Why did Sarbanes Oxley reinforce the role of an auditor? Was it that long ago that we can not remember to whom we gave the responsibility if watching over corporations and making sure they not misstating any material information.

    How come no one seems to be questioning the audit firm? Funny thing not once have they ever mentioned the auditors since the carpet rolled out for this ongoing madness.

    I think wall street should be ashamed of itself. I am just appalled to how they seem to be screaming for bail out like its a birth right. There is a saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” Does wall street think people want to accept shame after you fooled them the first time?

    Wall street must be a smooth player to get away with this.

    For the record, I am aiming to be a CEO now. The only job where irresponsiblity is greatly rewarded. Whats the difference between a CEO and a FRAUDSTER when they both rub people of their hard earned money and get fat over it.

    300 and something million dollars in compensation over 7 seven years for sending a company to its early grave? Whats the point of workiing then? We should all sit our asses home and demand compensation for increasing UNEMPLOYMENT RATE

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