Buzz/Buzz Kill


Lets test this thing out …what do you think?

Buzz – BlackBerry is trying to go head to head (or should I say set to set) with the iPhone. They have introduced the new touch screen blackberry…it looks like the new hotness if you ask me and its creating lotta buzz already.


Buzz Kill – The fattest man according to Guinness book of record is dead (eeyahhh). The 990 pound man died of heart complications. The guy actually tried…he used to weigh about 1200 and he lost about 300 pounds before he died. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.


Buzz – Guess what’s in fashion now? Bail Out Plans! Our lovely country, Federal Republic of Nigeria has joined the band wagon and has decided on a N600 Billion bail out plan for the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Edede went on the real street (Wall Street that is) to get sentiments about this whatyoumocallit and the response?


Shabs: LOL. They certainly don’t like being left out of the global party!

Niyi: But how much of this amount will actually find its way into the economy (going by Nigerian standards). as far as I am concerned, this is an opportunity for a very few people to get really rich and start buying range rovers and things LOL.

Ronkus: Hiss.  


Buzz – Apparently it was lil Wayne’s bday party over the weekend and Baby aka Birdman came into the club with a Louis Vuitton Suitcase – not a duffle bag – that contained a Million Dollars (and Queen Edede said, “Let them spend dough”)…I hear some a milli, a milli, a million, young millionaire song playing in the background.


That’s all miha/miho! Seems like we have more Buzz than Buzz kills…lets keep it that way.



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