e.dealy: lIfE


This year alone I have lost 2 people that I know, 2 beautiful souls. They were young, vibrant, kind, happy, and high spirited. I don’t like writing about death, especially when lives have been cut short, so I’m going to write about life and the lessons that I learned from life in less than 24 hours.


·          Be happy

·          Share happiness

·          Kill jealousy

·          Give hugs, receive hugs

·          Speak out, speak loud

·          Listen twice as much as you speak (that’s why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth)

·          Laugh

·          Relax

·          Walk, run, fall, get up and start over

·          PRAY

·          LOVE

·          Dance, dance, dance (and forget your sorrow)


I implore you all to help me live this way and I promise to help you. Scold me if I don’t and remind me of my own words.  And to all those that I have wronged, I am sorry. Join me to make our time on earth worth every while.





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