Buzz/Buzz Kill – 2

Buzz – My oga is out sick and my staff meeting was cancelled. YES! It has nothing to do with you guys but you don’t understand how awesome this feels.


Buzz – Sites! Yes, I love me some  however is steadily creeping in. I enjoy both so take a listen when you get a chance. Another site that needs no introduction – as in, I don’t even know why I bother – is up and running, so you know what to do.


Buzz – Music…yes music, in fact rap. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You heard it hear first so give me credit once things start to unravel. YESI is coming, he is coming O! You guys are not ready for what’s about to pop. I will keep you posted, sit tight. Meanwhile take a listen to M.I feat DJINEE and some of the stuff by Black Boy Down, Terrytharapman and Rap Addict. I will hit you up with a link to these songs…but for now, abeg google am. It’s off the hinges.


Buzz Kill – Madge and Guy are in splitsville. Even more annoying I read that the tension between them started after adopting David…why blame the African child? Oh wells, its Hollywood jare, next!


Buzz Kill – Last night’s debate was a mess. Let’s not deceive ourselves.  


Buzz Kill – Word on the headline is that Naija losses about 5 million dollars annually from environmental degradation. “Loss of vegetation arising from agriculture, fuel wood and commercial timber extraction, among others, leads to desertification, declining soil productivity and loss of farmlands, flood and siltation of water bodies which are serious environmental problems”. Read more on


Thats all folks! Hasta Luego.  


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