Good morning. I am so happy this morning and it’s because of you, you and you (yes you). As some of you might know, I am trying supercarlafragalistically (not sure I spelt that right) to be a better person. I am in the metamorphic stage of my transformation. The old Es was emmm, devious but presented a façade that fooled many many people. Although I had some good in me, it wasn’t quite enough. So I’m turning a new leaf. Seriously, so help me!


Unfortunately I have been super busy at work and I haven’t been able to post entries frequently. Even right now I am in the middle of some risk and control stuff so I’ll be writing this throughout the day. For those that might sense the shabbiness of this entry, do forgive.


My weekend was relatively calm. I didn’t get to relax as anticipated but I got quite of number of stuff done. But this isn’t about what I got done, but about the premise of my weekend. For some freaky reason my weekend was centered on health topics, healthy living and the likes. Did you know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? I used to wonder why Chhoyster always eats apples. See, Chhoyster is the health freak among my friends, yet he is the one who knows about foods and actually enjoys reading about food and culinary. He has sampled about 90% of the restaurants in the city…no joke, he is my restaurant consultant.  Wait for the kicker; he is the skinniest of all my friends (skinny in a very good way). Apples have fat soluble antioxidants and antioxidants helps speed up your metabolism and fight fat in your body. There are actually other benefits but I was sold at antioxidants. Other foods that are good for you are almonds, bananas, avocados, beans (some beans also contain antioxidants and are also good source of nutrients) and egg yolks (believe it or not, contain good fat). Good stuff abi?



Another premise was the whole buzz of Collin Powell endorsing Obama. I missed the segment on Sunday (church, people, church – come to think of it even if I didn’t go to church I might have changed the channel to watch power rangers or pokemon). Anyhow, I watched a clip where Powell expressed – idunno, whats the word…irritation or concern? – yea, he expressed concern to the fact that Obama’s religion was questioned during the campaign and even more disappointing, questioned by top members of the GOP – what I like to call Good Ol’ Party (get it? Ol’, Old – hehe). But what impressed me was that Powell said, “what if” he is muslim? Can’t a 7 year old American Muslim child grow and aspire to become the Prez of the United States of America? I FELT it. Do you feel that? So the frig what? So what??? Tell’em Powell. Anyhow, analyst said that Powell’s endorsement boosted Obama and I hope that boost reflects on Election Day ‘cos we all know that when push comes to shove, ratings or no ratings, sometimes crap happens.


Anywhoosss..I will leave you with a fresh quote I just got from Pure Fiyah aka C.T O’Dwyer

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. – John F. Kennedy




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