Work is good for many things, but work is especially good for exchanging emails with friends in the finance industry who share the sentiments mostly because we are all knee deep in this shit…excuse me (note, if I really wanted to be excused I would have deleted it). Thanks to outlook and lotus notes, exchanging emails at work is almost like chatting. So MT – some of you might know MT, we’ve been friends since freshman year – MT sends an email to a couple of us and in the email there was a link to an article stating that Goldman (Sachs) will be laying off 3200 people, considering current market trends et all (y’all remember when Goldman was in the news because of the huge bonuses they were giving out last year?…shit done reach roof o). Anyhow, I’m going to share with you the dialogue that got me laughing, start from the top.


From: MT
To: a bunch of us
Subject: News

Its getting crazy!! My buddy and l are considering nursing sch. 


From: Es
To: to rest of them
Subject: RE: News

LOL…nursing school ko, butcher school ni.


From: D1
To: to the rest of us
Subject: RE: News

If Financial industry is not conducive, try Agbero….. Agbero na work oooo, dem no dey layoff…:)



From: MT
To: a bunch of us
Subject: News

Good suggestion. I could be the pioneer in NY. nobody owns a bus stop here. If you and Es could work for me, since you guys are veteran agbero from Naija


True talk though, this thing is a serious something. I was just talking to another friend who told me that a friend of hers quit Morgan (Stanley) to work in a bakery and has enrolled in a culinary school. I guess now people are following their passions – e.g. MT finally realizing his true calling of being nurse.


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