friday fever


It’s Friday. Thank God. It’s been a wasteful Friday sha…I found myself at Filene’s basement at lunch – not sure how I flew from my cube to Union Sq. I did sha, and I wasted money on these flats. There was a connection at first sight…but on the third step, boiiii, it was serious son. Annoying thing is I can’t return the shoes, ‘cause I told the register chic “I don’t need the box”. I can’t blame her ‘cause she warned me. I’m just gonna have to bear the pain ‘cause $34 something is no joke men …a little something called credit crunch (LOL).


Anyhow, today is Nog’s birthday. My darling sister, I love you to death shey you know…hope you also know that I can’t tell you that to your face with a straight face. It’s not my fault; we both know it’s the Grace in me. Enough of the mushiness, many more blissful years mama… you are awesome, stay that way.


Emm, besides using words like, “yansh”, “shey you get” and “ibeere” at work, I’ve been plugged in to many naija playlist websites of late. It’s really lovely especially since I got new head phones. They are no Bose but they do the job. If you knew what my old ‘phones looked like, you would relate. Of recent I’ve been on some sturvs, gidilounge, notjustok runs and I find myself playing certain songs over and over and over…again. Songs like, What you want by BlackBoyDown, Flex by Riz, J’a Jo Dele by Nasty, Jayed-out and Kwam1 (outta town ent)…I’m officially endorsing them so you guys should look them up.


So I just got a call from my bro men…dude works at GS and since the layoff news got out many people have been calling him expressing concern and all that usual stuff that happens when kasala is about to burst. Anyhow, I didn’t call sha, and I imagine that’s why he called me. He was probably thinking, “this yeye girl didn’t even call me sha”. That aside, he got me cracking up when he said GS left systematic voice msgs on their employees’ work phones, pretty much confirming what was out in the news. Then he went on to say that the message was something like;  

             “Yes, we are confirming what you already know. You all should be proud. Now, walk out that door with your head up high”.


Of course the message didn’t say that but that would have been mad funny. Sense of humor is mucho appreciated these days jare…abi, wetin man wan do?





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