’tis the season…already?


My horoscope said, “do not waste your time and energy on trivial pursuit”, so I decided to let it go, let her go, and let her come to me whenever she is ready. Right about now I’m trying to get down in another spiritual game so conveniently I tune in to Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I am quite neo-schooled-out, I have listened to all new school music and I am tired – for now. I reached my peak after listening to an irritating song, but that’s beside the point. Its Halloween and happy Halloween to all you fun costume wearers. I hope you get a lot of candy and eat and get fat – just kidding; well not really.


I’m not sure about your companies but Companies have been cancelling Christmas parties. Yep. No Ho-Ho-Ho this year ‘cos banks aint got no Doe-Doe-Doe. I’m not too disappointed. Last year I crashed the IT party at Bridgewater so lets just say I partied enough for ‘07 and ’08 (Holla!). But one has to think about the down stream effects, don’t you think? First of all, Ciprianis, Warldoff Astoria, Bridgewater and other really cool Christmas Party locations will miss some good business. This means that cooks, party planners, waitresses, waiters, bar tenders, coat check peeps and DJs will miss out on some good business as well, let alone the huge tips that they usually get. AHA, lets not forget about the Black Cabs lined up outside that take your drunk asses back home…all expense paid of course (I sigh). How about after party locations? 230 5ths will loose some business too…that roof top deck won’t be as enticing this year. Lets not forget Marquee, TenJune, Cielo, House, Pink Elephant…hmm, I don’t know people…


However, all hope/partying isn’t lost. I’m sure there are people out there who are able to squeeze the jolly juice out of this dry season. Remember though that there is a lot to be grateful about. So as we approach this thankful season (even though in reality we should give thanks daily), lets not forget to give thanks for what we have and use what we have to the best of our ability; Thanksgiving aint all about roast turkeyJ.


Have an awesome weekend.



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