chronicles of the traveling legs I


I proceeded to write a masterpiece on the plane but I fell short and ended up striking out the intended paragraphs. I’m headed to Florida right now by way of Charlotte. I haven’t seen her – N.U – in months and all of a sudden I am excited to hug her. 

On the plane and I my mind roams to November 2006, my first and only trip to Jand. Jand trip was interesting in every sense of the word. It was an adventure….very far from sophisticated and I guess that was what made it memorable. You see, N.U left NY for a semester for one of those study abroad programs and I decided to pay her a visit. It was the perfect excuse for a vacation. I was done with school and started working in the summer and I needed a break from the monotony of my daily task; why not? After all, my very good friend was there.

N.U had one of those tiny dorm rooms that we shared  during my visit. We didn’t have much money on hand but N.U was very resourceful…as in this is a girl that can find her way if you left her in the middle of the Atlantic. N.U and I fed on indomie and crackers and fruit punch…no water! I remember one time we were so hungry and we heard from the grapevine that Leslie (one of the guys upstairs) was going to make eba and ogbono that night. N.U and I conveniently showed up at his door like we were just paying him a visit. Poor guy had only made eba for himself but of course we weren’t leaving that room without eating something. As a matter of fact, we ate everything…pretending to pay attention to his gist and bounced as soon as we finished his food (to his credit the food was sweet sha).

We were always getting on the National rails without tickets and at risk of getting caught. One time we got reprimanded ‘cause we were in a zone that we didn’t pay to get into. I quickly played the tourist card and we were let go. The London tube is too confusing sef and their officers are too rigid. When we weren’t out being mischievous, we were in “lecture” all day. I didn’t matter to me; it was just nice to be away…I’m somewhat like the runaway child who never quite runs away.

I’m on my way again…I can’t wait to get to Florida and boy am I hungry!


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