chronicles of the traveling legs II


Still airborne to Florida and this yeye carrier isn’t serving food. Hunger is killing me so I resort to writing.

Do you know this song that goes like “I burst the windows out your car…” If you do, awesome, if you don’t you’ll probably hear it on the radio soon – if you listen to black radio (strictly Hip Hop and R&B stations). So the story behind the song is about this chic who finds out that her man is cheating and she burst the windows of his car…for revenge and immediate satisfaction. One of my NUMEROUS brothers and I had a argument about this.

His argument – I don’t like that song. She is promoting violence and I am no in support of violence. How can my girlfriend destroy my car because I cheated? ME! I use my own body o to cheat and she destroys my car? Yes, she can leave me but she has no right to destroy my property; car, house, clothes anything.  The car is MINE, not hers hence she has no right whatsoever.

My argument – I wanna destroy the car die! It is vandalism not violence! It’s a risk you assume when you are committed to someone. I am a proud owner of a louisville slugger (I really own one actually) and I aint afraid to use it. Some might call it irrational but you cannot play with someone’s emotions and expect everything to be all right. Yes, its short lived satisfaction to burst the guy’s windows but most times than not, we look back and get a good laugh from it.

I look out the window. It’s dark and I can’t figure where I am. I’m excited..still hungry though.


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