chronicles of the traveling legs III – continued


Who remembers what it was/felt like to be in Lagos in the beginning of 1999, or April 1999 for the sake of specificity? I’m not sure where the government kept all those area boys but the advent of Nigeria ’99 made Lagos peaceful overnight. The roads were clean, there was light 24-7 (at least I can speak to Maryland), and of course the agberos were out of sight. It was a wonderful thing…

On April 24th or 29th the day of the closing ceremony, WHAM, NEPA took light. I knew it was too good to be true. Then WHAM, again, armed robbers attacked my home. It was too coincidental; like they were waiting for the ceremonies to be over before they attack. It was the perfect paradigm for a rude awakening.  I thank God that none of my family members got hurt but I can’t seem to shake out the possible conversation between me and one of the traitors. Obviously in my head I am able to recognize each of them; one especially.

The scene: A beer parlor. Alcohol has a way of bringing people together, good and bad, for very different reasons.

Traitor – Ah! You look familiar.

Es – God still never kill you? I promise you this night thunder go strike you.

I know. That is actually a stupid pointless conversation and I can’t believe that it took me so long to think that up. Then again, I’m not sure I want to see, meet, let alone exchange words with any of the traitors. I have convinced myself that thunder has stricken seven of them and the rest are struggling with leprosy and begging for change on the road connecting Akure to Benin.

The pilot announces that we will be on ground in 10 mins….



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