chronicles of the traveling legs IV


The pilot was on point. He predicted that we’d be on ground in Charlotte in 10 mins, it was 9 pm at the time and we were on ground by 9:10pm. I wasn’t sure where I was. I knew I was in Charlotte but I didn’t know what State. One would think I’d have mastered the cities and states of the US but nope. I could be in Virginia or North Carolina. I’m leaning more towards North Carolina though. It didn’t matter to me because I was Florida bound anyways. On leaving the tiny jet and getting to the gate, it hit me, “THIS IS NORTH CAROLINA”. I was trapped in this forsaken airport in the summer of ‘07’.

Replay: It was the summer of 2007 and Sede was graduating from Uof H. As usual, I had slacked in booking my flight and so I was stuck with a connecting flight to Texas. My first meeting with Sede when I was seven years old and we’ve been friends / “cousins” ever since, so needless to say there was no way I would miss her graduation. I had left work a bit early that day (just as I did today) so I could make my flight. Everything went well until we were on the runway and the plane was about to take off: for some weird reason there was traffic on the runway and my flight was going to be delayed. Chances that I would make my flight to Texas were slim but I kept hoping for a miracle. But of course that didn’t happen. On getting to NC, I went looking for someone to talk to “listen, my flight from NY arrived here late and I have missed my connecting flight, I have a graduation to attend tomorrow morning, can I get a flight tonight? The attendant looked the least bit interested in my plight, he replied there is nothing we can do ma’am there was traffic on the runway and we are not responsible for that. By this time, I was agitated, “well can you find we a room then, so I can spend the night”…. I said. “No ma’am again, it is beyond our control and we are not liable for getting you a hotel room”.

I was stuck in this useless airport, no flight no room, no sweater and it was freezing. I felt like crap! To make it worse I was roaming because I was not in my service area which meant I was going to be charged extra for making phone calls. After walking aimlessly around the terminal, I found a nice comfortable spot by the vending machine and I fell asleep with a bag of Sunchips in my hand.

Arrggghhhh!! I hate this airport.

I approach Gate B6 and wait to be called to board my flight to Florida.


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