The girl behind me is loud. She is a consultant…but she is loud. It’s annoying. I can’t meditate. Should I be meditating? Two days ago, while walking home from the dentist, I realized how unfulfilled I was. Do you have that void also? I think you do. Does that void ever close? I’m not speaking of the void of faith or Christianity or whatever religion. Don’t know, but I have a feeling you get what I mean…maybe.


So two days ago, after realizing how big the void is and in attempts to close it, I decided to take my mind of many irrelevant things, read more books and do things that I like to do. Perhaps paint mugs and play scrabble or checkers with friends – I might just get around to learning how to play chess and dominos…I don’t get dominos.


Being the spontaneous person that I am when I decide to be spontaneous, I walked to the Borders store determined to get me a book. I already knew what I was going to get (so much for spontaneity).  I am on a quest to read all of Paulo Coelho’s books. I have read 4 so far and I liked them all. The Witch of Portobello!  Coelho’s books seem to be all about spirituality. It’s odd because his books are fiction (or are they?) but they are placed in the metaphysical section of the bookstore.


Metaphysical; relating to the philosophical study of the nature of being and beings or a philosophical system resulting from such study


I read the book and I learn more about the Witch of Portobello whose nickname is Athenna. I curb my free mind so it races within defined peripherals. In those pages, I laugh, I cry, I prey, I pray, I chase, I’m chased and I feel the tissue move around my void. I am making progress. I shed my worries and I exercise my freedom to be free no more.


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