“This is going to be a yearly process…” the sentence echoed in the conference room; one of the best conference rooms on the floor overlooking the Hudson and if you looked a bit further you would see the statue of liberty in her radiance. It’s marvelous in the summer time; almost like an escape from the work day.  That day, however, was a day in November and it was gloomy outside. There were three of us in the room, me, my compadre and one of our numerous superiors. The superior continued trying to keep a straight face and knowing very well that he would be breaking our hearts, ”…and this will be reviewed every 6 months”. Compadre and I stared at each other. We knew we didn’t want to be here this time next year and we both knew the superior was wasting his time giving us this briefing. We’d started planning our escape on our 6th month anniversary. It’s been 29 months and we are still planning. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve taken actions but these actions didn’t work out as anticipated.


Compadre and I stopped staring at each other but I was still lost in the future. Not mine, but his. I am the only one that knows of his interview scheduled for next Friday. I am happy for him but sorry for myself. I want him to get this new job but I don’t want to be left alone. Who will I fuss to? He is the best person to fuss to. I have fussed for 29 months to him. He understands my fuss. Who will he fuss to? Will he need to fuss in his new job? Suddenly I was saddened by the possibility of sharing my intimate cube space with someone else. What if they don’t measure up? What if I don’t like them? Oh crap!!!…I’m going to have a nervous break down! “Es..what do you think?”…I looked at my superior, then at compadre and tried to figure out what my superior was saying, then I replied, “I think it’s a great idea”. Wall Street forbids me to speak the truth that’s locked within me and how I think it is a waste of time and resources and how superiors keep scrambling for useless work to prove their worth in the organization. Main Street forbids that I loose my job at this time of year. What if I do? Life goes on…


Ps: Walmart reported HUGE profits this quarter.


4 Responses to fuss

  1. Edede's sister says:

    LOL!!! my sister and her life on Wall Street o.. I still don’t know how you got yourself hooked to it (fingers should not point to me o)..

    Oh well, lets call it a great… ok let’s use “interesting” life experience.

  2. Ekanem Udoh says:

    Hey friend, I suggest you get your self an interview…maybe with the profit making firms…surprisingly there are quite a few mid size firms making unbelievable profits…knowing you’ve got yourself trapped for 29mnths+ in one of the big monsters of walll street….I say its time to seek refuge outside of the city that houses these Giants…consider the other coasts….

  3. Pringles says:

    My dear, i too had a “Compadre” once. And oh was it wonderful to have someone to fuss to….with. She understood my fuss and i understood hers…..we creied on my last day. Yes i left her behind. But then she only lasted 6 weeks after i left. Life must go on indeed……do not fear to leave Main Street behind. But clearly only when you are brave enough to do so. Viva!

  4. edede says:

    thank you very mucho…its just one of those things that happen. i’ll be aiight.

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