Bosses are Human Too??!!

December 18, 2008

Disclaimer: these actions may or may not have taken place in a place that may or may not exist. The names of the characaters are real and they may or may not live in the nation of Unutopia.


The youngins have their presentation and since I am no longer a youngin it is mandatory that I attend to show my support. It’s really no big deal as I get to spend 2 hours away from my desk, even though trying to stay alert for a 2 hour presentation can be a struggle. We trickle into the conference room, my boys and I; they look good as always, I look normal – SirReal the frugal master, brings his aura of course and through him I feel super cool. I look around the room for familiar faces motion towards MatMan and I give him a hug. It’s been ages and he is beginning to look like Jesus. His mom hooked me up with cool tix and I still owe him dinner. The room isn’t filled yet and I begin to worry for these youngins…but it was a matter of time before execs came through. We found our way to the back of the conference room (just like cool kids sit at the back of class). I made sure to sit next to Compadre. You see, he always falls asleep during meetings and I am responsible for kicking him so he doesn’t embarrass himself. The presentation kicked off and at first it sounded like an automated message, which was amusing, then the kids began ramble on and on about what and what.


An hour and fifteen minutes into the presentation, I am restless; what to do? what to do? who to make fun of? who to make fun of?…I look around the conference room and AHAH! Right situation, wrong victim; MotherHen was dozing off. MotherHen is the one person I wouldn’t want to make fun of on a normal day. Besides being an exec she is just too cool and looks out for the boys and I. BUT, it wasn’t a normal day and I needed to be amused. So I told the boys, “11 o’clock”, they looked and we all starting laughing…silently of course (God forbid we disrupt the presentation). You could tell that MotherHen was struggling…she tried so hard. She tried playing with her blackberry but even that didn’t work. She kept nodding off and I hoped that no one else noticed. Alas, MotherHen wasn’t the only one struggling, over at 9 o’ clock another exec was picking his nose…3 o’ clock was having a conversation in her friend, 4 o’clock was itching for a ciggi break…and my side of the clock was just useless. Then it hit me, these people are just as bored as I am. These people are human!


It was wonderful!


America runs on dunkin

December 16, 2008


America runs on dunkin but dunkin doesn’t wrap their gift cards in cute little wrappers, so off I went to starbucks in the cold, no jacket. The weather wasn’t that bad – the reason why I dared in the first place. ‘Completely oblivious to the things that are going on around me at work these days, I only keep in mind things that I find very important, e.g. the fam, the boy and the business…and yes, the friends of course. I have been so oblivious that I forgot it was yankee swap secret santa day, when a colleague took liberty in asking, “Did you bring your gift for the yankee swap?”


“Oh snap! Crap! Argh rubbish”, I actually forgot about this stupid typical “the office” tradition. To be true, I had no intentions of getting anyone anything, as I had a bottle of Chardonnay in my drawer that I intended to re-gift. Technically, it’s not re-gifting cos I kindda-sorta took the bottle of wine to go from one of those corporate events. In essence it wasn’t a gift in the first place…and so it can’t be called re-gifting…right?


“Argh! That’s gross Es! You’ve had that wine since last year!” – says Chhoyster and I’m thinking to myself, So? It’s wine. Anyhow he convinces me to get something else and the next thing I find myself walking to starbucks to get a gift card. At last year’s secret santa thingy, many people got starbucks giftcards. The typical last minute runs. America might run on dunkin but right now starbucks gift cards run America. I suppose the gang and I would have the Chardonnay later today…after we hear news about our bonuses…I have a feeling it’s gonna be liquid lunch.


(drench your tears in cups of vino tra lalalala lala lala)


December 11, 2008


What’s the dealy yo? Thanks to i-google, I get a really cool news feed which is fantastic because I don’t need to do too much work to get cool stories to you. So I was looking on the other day and they had “Time’s Top 10 List of Everything 2008” that covers topics from Top 10 Religious Stories to Top 10 Scientific Discoveries to Top 10 Underreported Stories. Its cool stuff and you don’t have to read a lot to get the gist.


Check it out –


Edede has to get back to work. I’m covering for someone today (Bunkers! Argghhhhhhhhh! Crappazulla!) On a better note I have an IPOD now (it’s about time right?) and I downloaded some cool Santagold music, so guess who I’ll be listening to while sipping on some black coffee and doing some due diligence on clients’ accounts (totally awesome duuddeee).


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, Bosses are Human too??!!?!


Hasta Pronto Primos!

it’s been a long time…

December 8, 2008


Today is a good day and I am going to bath myself in the joy that presented itself to me. Actually, it’s the joy that I allowed myself to experience. Suddenly everything feels worth it.


Edede-ites! It’s been a while and I’m sure I have new edede readers now…thanks to me putting instead if on “yanshbook”. It’s all good though. All traffic is good traffic and of course to my new readers; “ekabo”…I would say that it benin but I don’t know how to write it. Forgive my hiatus. Edede had been working really hard on some nice stuff Allen & Fifth wise. A HUGE thank you to all those that have shown me support since this project started. I appreciate every comment, every idea, and every purchase (and future purchases).  I know I don’t say thank you enough and I would name names but you know who you are…you all get my edede post updates anyways (hint hint). Please tell your friends, families, frenemies and enemies about Allen & Fifth. Help make this a success. I now ship to Canada and its free…so C’MON people, buy a Christmas gift for someone and make it Allen & Fifth. Gracias.


Just wanted to drop a lil som’som for you guys. I will be back with news soon. Until then…PAX.