it’s been a long time…


Today is a good day and I am going to bath myself in the joy that presented itself to me. Actually, it’s the joy that I allowed myself to experience. Suddenly everything feels worth it.


Edede-ites! It’s been a while and I’m sure I have new edede readers now…thanks to me putting instead if on “yanshbook”. It’s all good though. All traffic is good traffic and of course to my new readers; “ekabo”…I would say that it benin but I don’t know how to write it. Forgive my hiatus. Edede had been working really hard on some nice stuff Allen & Fifth wise. A HUGE thank you to all those that have shown me support since this project started. I appreciate every comment, every idea, and every purchase (and future purchases).  I know I don’t say thank you enough and I would name names but you know who you are…you all get my edede post updates anyways (hint hint). Please tell your friends, families, frenemies and enemies about Allen & Fifth. Help make this a success. I now ship to Canada and its free…so C’MON people, buy a Christmas gift for someone and make it Allen & Fifth. Gracias.


Just wanted to drop a lil som’som for you guys. I will be back with news soon. Until then…PAX.


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