America runs on dunkin


America runs on dunkin but dunkin doesn’t wrap their gift cards in cute little wrappers, so off I went to starbucks in the cold, no jacket. The weather wasn’t that bad – the reason why I dared in the first place. ‘Completely oblivious to the things that are going on around me at work these days, I only keep in mind things that I find very important, e.g. the fam, the boy and the business…and yes, the friends of course. I have been so oblivious that I forgot it was yankee swap secret santa day, when a colleague took liberty in asking, “Did you bring your gift for the yankee swap?”


“Oh snap! Crap! Argh rubbish”, I actually forgot about this stupid typical “the office” tradition. To be true, I had no intentions of getting anyone anything, as I had a bottle of Chardonnay in my drawer that I intended to re-gift. Technically, it’s not re-gifting cos I kindda-sorta took the bottle of wine to go from one of those corporate events. In essence it wasn’t a gift in the first place…and so it can’t be called re-gifting…right?


“Argh! That’s gross Es! You’ve had that wine since last year!” – says Chhoyster and I’m thinking to myself, So? It’s wine. Anyhow he convinces me to get something else and the next thing I find myself walking to starbucks to get a gift card. At last year’s secret santa thingy, many people got starbucks giftcards. The typical last minute runs. America might run on dunkin but right now starbucks gift cards run America. I suppose the gang and I would have the Chardonnay later today…after we hear news about our bonuses…I have a feeling it’s gonna be liquid lunch.


(drench your tears in cups of vino tra lalalala lala lala)


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