why they don’t command my respect…yet


I work in a service industry and I am a firm believer in providing great service to a client and this philosophy should transcend cultures…east and west…non Africans and Africans alike. So what’s my beef? It seems like this philosophy of service; this very simple philosophy; is not practiced in Nigerian Banks. How can I open an account with MY money, deal with some not so courteous employees (like they are doing me a favor), fill out the appropriate forms to track my account online and STILL don’t have access track my account online? It’s been 2 weeks and I am tired! Even more frustrating, I CALLED the call center – mind you, the online helpdesk feature is “broke” – and I was still not able to speak with someone who could help me with my issue. Then to ADD insult to INJURY, I sent an email, the cheapest and probably easiest means of communication but got NO response. If GTB were a person, I would slap, pinch and kick him…yes HIM ‘cause it is my opinion that great service has no EGO.


Enough of the excuses! “Why are you angry? That is just how it is…You forget that its Nigeria you are talking about…Welcome to lagos!”; the more we continue to make excuses for Bank’s stupidity the deeper the stupidity goes. If a Bank isn’t able to provide top notch e-banking service then why provide the service at all? Why most we be subject to Half-Assed efforts and Half-Assed results? This is UNACCEPTABLE and I revolt! If I don’t hear from GTB soon, I promise to bad mouth them and spoil their business. RUBBISH!


Ps: as you can tell, I am pissed and it’s irritating because all I ask for is to track my account…it’s not rocket science abi? GTB, you gan sef…eyin na, ke da mi loun jare.


5 Responses to why they don’t command my respect…yet

  1. Ekanem Udoh says:

    Dont worry Edede, I personally know how to get the attention of the so called Ogas of GTB that go about promoting this yeye online banking crap just so they can feel among! Very unacceptable!!!

  2. Ronke says:

    Sorry ehn. See, I told you to go to Ecobank, this kind of nuisance doesn’t happen there.

  3. Pure fiyah says:


  4. Edede's sister says:

    koyor… this too will come to pass and you’ll laugh hard about it.. 🙂

  5. edede says:

    Update: I got an email from GTB this morning. I think I’m corresponding with the Branch Manager. Ehen, now we are talking! Thanks fam.

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