God is Love


A young mother in Kenya named her new born son Senator Barack Obama. Let’s say the child grows up to become a Senator, he would be known as Senator Senator? Allow me to steal one of pure fiyah’s phrases, PURE HILARITY. Anyhow, today’s topic isn’t about Obama or the ball or Michelle’s dress – sorry to disappoint you. Today’s topic; or perhaps discussion (feel free to pitch in) is on Love. Yes, Love. Bear with me because I have a lot on my mind. Let’s see how much of it hits cyberspace.


So a couple of years ago I had a serious accident and pretty much junked the car that I was driving…I was a bad driver at the time and lets say that my nerves took control of the wheels. After my accident, it took me a while to summon up the courage to get behind the wheels but it took most of my compadres longer to trust me with their cars. Why? Trust of course and honestly, I didn’t want to be responsible for any damage to their cars. This analogy may be a little shabby, but the point I am trying to make here is that as people it is always difficult to trust someone if they have done something in the past that questions the capacity of the intended trustee; and so people don’t trust easily, because we don’t want to be fooled, or hurt, or tricked or suaved, or played, or damaged, or cheated on. It’s our way of protecting ourselves from the possibility of risk – not risk itself because to love is to risk and to be at risk.


Amidst the uncertainties of my capacity and the capacity of others, I look to God and try to see how he does it. How does He manage to love me despite my faults? How does He answer my prayers despite all I have done that is displeasing? I don’t know, and I won’t even try to understand. But because he has been so good and continues to be so good, I know enough to trust him and I believe in HIM. So if God is Love, I guess its only logic that I believe and trust in Love – not man, not woman, not boyfriend, not girlfriend, not husband, not wife; but in the power of the divine that I am blessed to manifest.


In essence, just LOVE.


One Response to God is Love

  1. Edede's sister says:

    This is so beautiful… You sobered me up o!!

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