On the subject


Someone on TV described the Californian woman who delivered octuplets last week as someone with “a unique way of thinking that is not rooted in reality”. Talk about the politically correct way of saying someone is crazy. The woman is kinnda crazy though, she has no job, no husband, she lives with her parents and she already has 6 children all under of age of 7. The lady used fertility drugs and had embryos implanted.  NOTE: If anyone tells you that you have a unique way of thinking that is not rooted in reality, then they are trynna tell you something…else.


For those who care to know – and I know that’s a lot of people – GTB came through and I am now able to access my account online. Was the fuss for nothing? NO. Moral of the story, sometimes you have to be aggressive and persistent to get what you want. I recommend GTB to anyone who wants to open an account in Lagos, or anywhere in Nigeria. Their online banking tool is quite nice and user friendly. Up Guarantee Trust Bank, Up GTB – well, until they ef up, but I doubt it.


So today, I feel the urge to do work. Odd, right? Well it shouldn’t be because 1. That’s why I get paid the big bucks (don’t take that literally, its one of those clichés that I have stolen) and 2. Not doing work has become boring. Have you noticed that slacking off is slowing becoming less of an option? It’s actually going out of style.  Anyhow, back to the subject (and I’m a little unsure about what that it), in the spirit of maximizing today, I whipped out my note pad and proceeded to write a list of things that I would like to do today. This is actually an awesome tool. Back in College, I was told several times to always have a TO DO list, but I never saw the need for it. I thought my memory was just fine and so I would have days where I felt completely useless because I didn’t do anything worthwhile. Now, close to 3 years into the full time job market, and with less time for myself, I understand the relevance of having one. It is really cool, so easy and I HIGHLY recommend it. A little tip for you.


Emm, whatelse??? Allen & Fifth is coming soon with its new HOTNESS. Stay tuned…meanwhile, I am in deep conversations with the Board of Directors as we are trying to organize fantastic sale prices for outstanding items, so be on the look out. For those who don’t know about Allen & Fifth, it like, totally has the coolest tees in the UNIVERSE ;), so visit http://www.allenandfifth.com to quench your curiosity and of course place your orders.


Until next time migente, pax!


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