its been a new york minute

Hola y Buenos dias! How are you all doing on this beautiful day? Life is good isn’t it? Not to worry I’m not here to give you a pep talk but to etch my thoughts on cyber space again. As most of you noticed it has been a minute since I last posted an entry. Why? A couple or reasons actually, though the main reason is that I can’t access my beloved wordpress at work anymore – tut-tut, goes to show the length I go for you folks, and my sanity. Anyhow, I can’t let that minor set back bar me from doing one of the things that I have come to enjoy and I won’t let my handful of fans down; hence today’s entry.

Not sure if I mentioned that when I got back from vacay I came to meet a re-org. Yep, my group was reshuffled…I have a new boss now, a new role and hopefully a new work life (hopefully ‘cause its still a slow transition). Let me tell you about my new oga…She is the coolest chic on the planet. Young, laid back and not afraid to question authority and quite sarcastic but in a funny way. Trust me, this is a 360 from my former oga, but I digress. So I’m in a group of let me see…emm, seven obirins – chics, no dudes – and ol’ Lord was I running out of my mind?! Working with ladies sometimes can be so ARGHHH. Not for nothing really but so unnecessary, idunno, call it whatever you like, envy, power tripping, raving hormones, PMS…jeez Louis it was irritating!

Ehen, Allen & Fifth is very much in full force o. In fact babes aint smiling no more; in fact I am “stronging” my face; and to use the works of c_b_k, I am crying blood this year, ‘cause I am determined to make this a success. I have new designs in the works. Very different from anything you’ve seen, period. Its very artful, some native, some modern but overall it’s a great collection of work. There are 4-5 designs in this collection and I will be sharing with y’all as soon as they are ready. I need your help as always to help talk about it. That’s all I need from you; talk. Start a conversation with; “have you heard of allen & fifth?” and you have made my year. Tell people about the website, tell people about the originality (na we run the society – I like that song by faze) and when the tees come out, take a friend with you and go corp one (is it corp?). OH and I’m also looking for retailers to carry my stuff, so if you know someone or know someone who knows someone that knows someone…hook it up for a sistur.

PS: I just got an email from my Ash Wednesday buddy (see post) and it read “First year in NYC I got ashes without you. Sad” – awww…so cute. On that note, try your best to be a bit better in this Lenten season.


Hasta Pronto!

Tu Amiga.


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