I’m psyched!

So yesterday I get this email from a guy in Cyprus; he says he got my website address from a friend and he wants to get some tees. How cool is that? In fact GOD will BLESS that FRIEND in EXCESS. The fact that news of Allen & Fifth is crossing borders and reaching Cyprus just makes me what to keep doing things. It’s amazing and thank you all for all your support. GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS. Yesterday, also, I was on an emailing spree to any and everybody in the street wear industry – I told y’all that I’m on some red-eye sturvs. As in, the determination is ridiculous, plus I got “gassed” by one of my really friends at work (she got an EFIKO tee for her boyfriend and he wears it all the time). It’s nice to have people who believe in you – sometimes more that you believe in yourself. If you know anyone out there pushing the limit and/or taking a bold step, always cheer them on because it can get really frustrating when you are on the grind. (What Lies Beneath & the YESI project; I’m watching you babes).

On a serious note, come Monday I will be training for a new position in the firm. Dude, it’s gonna be some core finance type stuff. Its funny ‘cause two of my coolest friends are working in finance in very good companies (although one of these companies will soon be 40% govt. owned – hehehehe) and I always laugh at them when they talk about month-end, quarter-end and year-end reports. Well guess what? Come Monday, the tables will turn and I’ll be working on some Regulatory sturvs and just to tell you how crazy it will get, the current market situation calls for tough regulatory scrutiny. My fate speaks for it self…edede might not have the luxury of upping and leaving early, ‘na’mean?

On the economy – no, not the American economy, America will be alright and I have declared that poverty is not my portion (Amen) – about the Nigerian economy; do you feel sometimes that we get caught up in the limelight and celeb royalty that we forget the main issues of the country? I do and I want to know if it’s just me. Thanks to internet and young entrepreneurs there is a surge of mass media in Naija creating mini celebs and feeding the growth of already established ones. I don’t hear much about social responsibility though. I’m not talking about the cliché “Oh yea, I went to Lagos and visited the motherless babies home and gave them 2 bags of rice and one gallon of ororo”…I’m talking about job creation and involvement in grassroots movements and political upheaval (when necessary, if not abeg don’t kill yourself – there are bigger fights). The amazing thing about business is that you don’t have to be completely selfless to make a difference in your community. I’m hereby declaring edede the home of the think tank and I’m curious to see what ideas we can come up with together.

Start thinking, keep thinking and until next entry, PAX.


3 Responses to I’m psyched!

  1. Ivory Dome says:

    I agree doubly on social responsibility. Good luck with the new position.

  2. Congrats! hadn’t heard of you but just discovered you via a fellow Naija blogger, whose name escapes me at the moment.

    Keep up with the good work!I am rooting for you.


  3. edede says:

    @ Ivory Dome : thnx! and yea lets work on being socially responsible 🙂
    @ solomonsydelle: I appreciate it!

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