On music


There’s this buzz about KEL – the new naija female rap artist, so I was like, lemme find out…I’ll let you know what it is when I do find out. Those of you who know me well know that I am into music like crazy, especially underground and underrated music. If I hear something that I like and I feel like its not getting the attention it deserves I make sure everyone around me knows of the song, hate it or love it, I don’t care but the fact that I love the song is enough to make it a HIT (cause my music taste is lethal like that). We have these artists out now doing big things and making names for themselves in the music industry, which is good. However, if TIMAYA comes out with another “Ye” and “Dem Mama Papa” type beat again, I will pull my extensions out. It’s hard, true, trying to stay relevant in the industry and playing it safe but after a while music lovers like me will to get tired and click next even before the song starts playing on our MP3. Not withstanding TIMAYA is a good artist that has done well and I give him props for that (hence I’m not a complete hater).

So who are the new/not so new artists that I think you should look out for? (Order is Irrelevant)

FISHE – I first heard FISHE when I was messing with AfricanHipHop.com. This guy stays true to his style.

RUKUS – I first heard this guys rap about emmm…4 years ago or so on one naija site like that. Very talented.

TEETO – Heard this dude for the first time this week. Blazin!

JESSE JAGZ – M.I’s bro and an MC in his own right, ‘nuff said.

YESI – last but definitely not least, I was invited for a listening session. It’s the new freshness!

As for yankee music I enjoy me some Santagold, Kid Cudi (speaking of which he features on Kanye’s new single “Welcome to Heartbreak”), I love me some Lupe and some Gemini especially when its Lupe and Gemini collaborating and of course I listen to Movado when I’m feeling gangsta with myself. I respect Kanye but I think that if he doesn’t watch himself he just might become the new Joaquin Phoenix; dude’s songs are getting depressing by the millisecond (at least its better than Wayne’s “I feel like Dying”). I think I’m gonna start getting mix tapes o, I was in a cab and the driver had this mix tape playing and I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to get out of the cab…azzin serious talent up in harlem (I assume ‘cause they sound “harlemade”).

On a completely unrelated topic, I was thinking what it would be like if I was illiterate. Not being able to read and write in this day and age is…is…I have no words for the…absolute absurdity of the situation. I wonder what the statistic is on illiterate kids and adults in Africa. Have you stopped to think about this too or is it just me, again?

Hasta Proxima Semana, PAX


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