pink whale

Apparently my new work policy has taken its toll on my blogging routine. Anyhow, *sighs* how are you? Pardon me if I don’t write much tonight. For one, it’s Monday, it’s late and I am tired. For another, I just ate which makes it doubly tired. Interesting fact I found out today; there are albino whales. I always thought albinism happens to only people, until I saw a picture of a pink whale. Yes, pink. The whale has no pigments just like in albino people. I did further research and found out about albino crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, kangaroos, koalas etc, it’s amazing!

On the subject of Albinos, there is a scary phenomenon in Tanzania. Albinos are being captured and killed in Tanzania for money rituals. It’s hard enough for albinos to live in superstitious environments with the stigma but to be captured and killed for money rituals is beyond me. Lets be informed…lets start talking, awareness goes a long way.

Google Albino + BBC for articles


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