I need to write mehnnnnnn. Ahn ahn! I have been in hiatus for the longest time…HABAH! I am going crazy…having headaches all because of this anti-social streak. Let me give you a run down of my day today…I woke up, and stayed in bed with books all around me…I read, slept and woke up with books around me…I went to the kitchen, had cookies, 2 cans of coke and returned to a bed with books on it. What is it???? Everyone is asking me what is wrong, when nothing is wrong – at least, nothing should be wrong. Anyhow, it is depressing and I hate it and I want to scrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm – so I resort to writing.


So I had a couple of awkward moments in the past week but allow me the share the most interesting. I sat on the 6 train with this guy…next thing I know he pulls out a prisoner movement slip from his jacket pocket and lo and behold, it was his picture on the slip…I was freaked out (and excited cos alas I have gist for y’all) So you can imagine me sitting next to a “convict”…not knowing what to do…what if he has an episode and snaps at me…hmmm, what to do? I kept my calm and tried not to sit too close (hence I was practically on the railings)…I waited till I got to my stop then I got up quickly. Guess what? Homeboy got up too…YEPA! MY LIFE! MY LIFE! I started to recall conversations with popsie “Es, I don’t like you going out at night…a young lady shouldn’t be out that late…why do you have to go out every Friday (an exaggeration if I might add)”…but all that is irrelevant because a CONVICT is out to “get me”.


At this point I am hyper paranoid and for some reason the song in my head was “Maria, Maria, you remind me of a Westside story, growing up in Spanish Harlem, She’s living her life just like a movie starrrr” – don’t ask; I am just as confused as you are now. Yes I was in Spanish Harlem at the time but that song wasn’t the right sound track for the situation (I swear men, I need an orchestra to trail me and capture my life in scores). Anyhow sha, long story cut short, the guy went on his way and I walked home horridly. I practically judged the guy…but guy sef should have kept his prisoner movement slip in his pocket. As in, where is the shame gan na?



3 Responses to awkward…

  1. Edede's Sister says:

    You cracked me up so bad.. that was good.. next time you’ll listen to popsie…LOL!

  2. Strike'her says:

    Lol….U didnt apply naija rule…..u should have shouted “OLE OLE OLE” dat way u wont have to worry too much…Lol

  3. edede says:

    Strike’her that would have been melsed up now. I didn’t want to put the guy on blast like that…more important put my life on the line…hehe

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