’tis I again

Halo, Halo (do you remember that comedy?). I know KusKus does and that is enough for me; it makes me feel like I am not the only one that remembers these things. Anyhow, what’s really good? Saturday’s post caused a reaction. It relieved me and I am happy it made some folks laugh. Well that is typical life and times of edede but today I am going the serious route and hopefully you might find something amusing or profound as you go along.

I read in AMNY that VP, Joe Biden’s daughter was caught on tape sniffing cocaine (allegedly)…I hope its not her sha (yea right) but I really feel bad for the chic and even more for her dad. The guy looks too old to be stressing about his daughter’s alleged drug issues. To make issues worse a lawyer was hawking the tape for $250,000. What do I think? I think that putting the story in the news was a damage control tactic. If someone is allegedly caught on tape sniffing cocaine and the public is made aware, I don’t think that they will be thrilled by the validation. Now, if I thought Biden’s daughter was a saint (even if she is a social worker in Delaware) and suddenly saw a tape on the internet of her sniffing cocaine, I would be appalled. Anyhow, whatever the truth might be, I hope it all works out for good – and good includes rehab.

Genius! I watched DL Hugley’s show on CNN late last night and saw that there are some places in California that sell weed legally. Even more appalling the state of California makes about $100,000 or over monthly on the sales of weed (please verify). Okay, I’m having a light bulb moment. I heard that California is bankrupt…hmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?????

Moving on, Japan is at it again. First they build fantastic cars in the 70s that eventually cripple of the American car industry (the big 3 are in sticky situations right now, as you might now the CEO of General Motors was asked – more like forced – to step down). Japan has built a humanoid robot. Oh my, I am having a sudden matrix/terminator scare…THE ROBOTS ARE GOING TO DESTROY ALL OF HUMANITY…yikes! On a serious note though, scientists in Japan created a robot in the likeness of the average Japanese woman (kindda spooky innit?) Check this out; the eyes, face and hair of the robot cost $2 milla to develop…azzinnnn, what!! Her hands lack the luster but these things are a work in progress so cut them some slack.

Edede seeks a personal swimming instructor. I don’t have money to pay you but I will pay for one year’s membership to the New York Sports and Recreation Center with access to locations in all 5 boroughs. Hola at me if you are interested.

Until next time people



One Response to ’tis I again

  1. Ivory Dome says:

    I watch Halo Halo on Youtube lol it gives me warm feelings. Japan will continue to lead technological innovations well till the sun shines on Africa once more.

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