So I’m seated at my cube, bored out of my mind. I was just relived of my misery; finally oga called me to discuss a report I sent to her 2 days ago. I have been waiting on her call since morning and she decides to call me @ 3pm. No wahala. She has been very busy.  The conversation about the actual report was short, which made life even better. Usually I’d have something to do, something to read. I look on my igoogle page but I’m not too thrilled about wikihow’s “how to make stick deodorant from scratch” feed. Why in this world would I want to make deodorant from scratch? Though very tempting, I’ll pass. I’m still hung on “how to make lotion” – being looking for the key emulsifier, beeswax, for 2 months now (If you know where I can get beeswax let me know. I have all other ingredients ready). Anyhow, as usual I resort to writing in hopes of some mental relief.


I watched on the news last night that a woman called 911 because an attendant at a fast food joint won’t give her more meat. As in, chic, is it that serious? According to her, she asked for more shrimp and the attendant said no, then she asked for more meat and threatened to return the food and get a refund if she didn’t get it. Now here’s the kicker, she is an African American woman. Talk about feeding the stereotype!


On a much better topic, Lagos is on the MAP…yep. Lagos now has a web-based city map guide! How awesome is that? MapNTL.com enables users to search for street locations in Lagos online. Kudos to Ireti Ajala who thought about this and big ups to anyone who is thinking of ways to move our country forward; It’s definitely a start to something great…perhaps soon we’ll have interactive maps such as hopstop and mapquest.


It has been reported that one of the fast growing businesses in Nigeria is Fast Food Business (Awesome! All you sun stricken Lepa Shandis that want to run me down, all of una go soon turn orobo, mwahahahaha). It follows that the fast food culture is Nigeria is growing. I have no beef with this as more businesses means more jobs for people. In fact PureFiyah and I were talking about how amazing it would be to have a Dallas BBQs type restaurant in Nigeria, though it’s not fast food, imagine the good that typa establishment would do for a community?


Quick Q: Would you mind if your friend started dating your ex?

Until whenever, Pax!


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