flu who?


On the 2 train; a man next to me is reading the WSJ. I stretch my neck to see the caption of a picture…apparently in the capital Pakistan, a company that makes S&M and fetish clothing is located right next to a mosque. My facial expression: “huh!” even more interesting is the picture of an older lady clad in traditional Pakistani attire, seated on her seamstress station and examining one of the pieces. Isn’t the world interesting? That factory, my friends, should be a tourist attraction…what guaranteed amusement!


For those of you that have been looking for a reason to call in sick to work today is your lucky day. If you live in NYC you must have heard of the swine flu endemic. Dearest colleagues, this is your opportunity to join the wagon. The weather is lovely and I don’t blame you if you wake up one morning and decide to frolic in Central Park on a Tuesday afternoon. Just send an email to your boss that reads “in emergency room…swine flu…*cough*, *cough*” and you will be set. Seriously though, if you are feverish you might want to check that out. BTW, one doesn’t contract swine flu by eating pork, so bring on the bacon honey!


On Allen & Fifth – eyin people, ba mi ra aso o. Thank you all for your comments. I like reading/hearing them. If anything, they keep me going. Best believe that Allen & Fifth is here to please you. Allen & Fifth exists because of you and I will continue to strive to provide you with the best tees ever. In the mean time, this is what I need you to do, peruse the latest collection; start a water cooler convo about Allen & Fifth with your friends and colleague; if you are looking for small talk, skip talking about the weather (everyone knows its lovely) instead say, “have you heard about Allen & Fifth”?, would you do this for me ;o) ??? **edede is batting her eyes**


I’m out…on a schedule these days but will be back veces proxima!


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