This is not part II…

…So don’t get too excited. It’s been quite busy – everybody likes to claim busy these days so I figure why not. Okay maybe busy isn’t the word. More like hectic as I am involved in quite a number of things. First there is work and then there is life after work which includes loved ones and business. It might not seem like a lot but it morphs into a handful sometimes. Anyhow pardon my hiatus o…if I could I would write everyday but it’s nice to be missed so I won’t.

Those who know me know that I am sort of an information freak. Especially low brow information; really irrelevant stuff like celebrity children’s names and broken celebrity marriages (I know I shouldn’t pry but…) I’m also into sites and blogs (that grant me access to people’s lives and closets) – most times to look at pictures ‘cause I have this predisposed notion that most of the content is ditsy (c’mon lets not kid ourselves. We know they can be quite ditsy – at least the ones I actually follow and yes I follow them) Anyhow, it got to a point where I was actually dulling myself. It was too much (too much low brow info dulls the brain) and I needed something intellectual (besides Obama),  I needed something to arouse my intellectual curiosity.

On the verge of becoming a dullard I reached out to the “oracle”, Sir Real, the frugal master. Some of you might recall that I go to him when I am in a dilemma. “What should I do?!”, I cried out to his Awesome Crimness (happy anniversary BTW – you rock!). He advised that I got a subscription with one of these magazines…business week to be specific. In his words, “It’s so you, It’s a fast and easy read and really good”. Being quite impulsive I filled out the subscription that day. This is my second week of receiving Business Week in the mail and might I say that it is AMAZING. All of a sudden I am equipped to carry on a conversation that goes beyond Timaya just because I’m getting higher education from a business magazine (did you get the double entendre? hehe). One of the cool things I read this week was on how major investment banks are anticipating the trade of carbon credits in the financial market. Let me give you a small lowdown; the Obama administration is looking to address the environmental crisis in the U.S by capping the amount of carbon emissions by manufacturing companies; while companies that build environmental friendly technologies or contribute to the environment will receive carbon credits. What banking institutions are looking to do is trade these credits in the financial market – I’m guessing it would fall under commodities or something along those lines.  It’s wild…I recommend you read it if you are interested ‘cause I think most banks are looking for ways to cash-in in a very new unregulated market in the United States…hit me up me if you want to rub minds. Check Business Week out if you can. I recommend getting the hard copy. It’s a good read, honestly.

On Allen & Fifth; I don’t think I can thank people enough for the support that they’ve shown me. A big thanks to my brother (I have plenty but this is the coolest of them all – literarily) who actually went to BEBENOIR. It meant a lot bro. Thanks to my chick friends (my razzoidly tush friends that are the down the earth-est realest people who always have my back). Thanks to my sister (my twin who was just born yeaaaaaaaars before me – love you mama). Special thanks to Colo Sturvs (you put the doo in scobby doo). Thanks to my cousins and in-laws (all y’all). Thanks to my boyz and pallies (mulberry, the taylors, sir real, chhoyster, scrap, surgy, simpson, leshman etc.). Thanks to everyone who has ever gotten an A&5th tee, who has ever worn one, helped out and said good things about A&5th (or bad stuff sef…all jhoin). Thank you all so so so much! As you may know Allen & Fifth is now sold at BEBENOIR, Harlem, New York – shout out to Ibrahim and Fatima – visit the store; it’s a great store, true talk.

Emmm, what else? I’m getting all frigging emotional mehn and the best part is Allen & Fifth is just getting started and Edede aint going no where (thanks to cyber space). I encourage people to think of business ideas for our beloved country. Yes, it is possible to contribute to your society and make money from it. We can’t keep waiting for the Government. If you are into establishing a fashion house (cos una plenty these days) then look into having not-quite-sweat-shops in Nigeria. Kudos to all those thinking outside the box and helping to create jobs in motherland.  I’m all for capitalism and capitalizing on the untapped talent out there. This is the time to take a business risks and go for it (all my risk takers STAND UP!)

Until next time; hasta pronto mi gente.

peace & love,


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One Response to This is not part II…

  1. pringles says:

    I’ve missed staying caught up on ur blog….so yeah, welcome back to me! In other news, we shld definitely rub minds re trading carbon credits.

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